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December is all about Christmas, parties, family gathering, outdoors but work. As holidays spread cheer among employees, employers find it hard to keep their workforce goal oriented and productive. According to Gallup research report, approximately 70% of the US workforce is disengaged from work. Holidays are not business friendly as it lowers productivity and hence, companies have to suffer on the profitability. While, employers may take December as one of the most unproductive months of the year, but it is, in fact, one of the best months to strategize the most effective Employee Engagement plans.

Here are five tips to create a DECEMBER-FRIENDLY EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT strategy that will not only help the organization lessen the terrible effect of holidays, but will also set the course for upcoming fiscal year:

1. It Starts With Having Fun Together

Playfulness breaks barriers. It creates a healthy environment for collaboration and encourages friendship among compeers. Having fun together diminishes not only the tediousness but also encourages creativity plus collaboration within the team and the organization. The December holidays are a great time to have some team time-out and to break the routine.

How does it help?

Fun activities such as Potluck Lunch, Dress-up Day, Gift Exchange/Be My Santa, etc. allow collaboration and engagement within the team. These activities increase togetherness, interest and a sense of sharing among co-workers which, on the other hand, increases organizational engagement ratio.

2. Time to Volunteer

Encouraging philanthropic work is a real business. Involving employees and management in volunteer projects have a direct effect on the overall engagement and productivity. Volunteer work is a great method to formulate a ‘Sharing & Caring’ ecosystem within the company. After all, business is not just about making money; a company must be able to make a difference in the world. Bring the point to the winter season.

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How does it help?

Christmas vacations could be utilized for the philanthropic works. Volunteer activities not only helps a business take a social initiative, but it also helps them engage their brand with ordinary people. Utilizing December to create a business with a social cause could help an organization, increase your social brand awareness in the coming year.

3. Engagement starts from Day One

The same monotonous routine, piles of paperwork and tedious presentations, kills engagement, especially for the new joiners. Companies need to extend their focus on capitalizing the enthusiasm and creativity of a new team member from day one. Help them to understand the business, aid them to understand the culture, assist them with leadership and signify reasons ‘why joining this firm was one of their best decisions’ and engagement will follow. How is it going to be successful in the winters?

How does it help?

New hires are like a blank slate. They are open to learning, develop relationships and trust with their work. Utilizing their energy helps the organization drive its ROI from the very beginning. Holidays could be used to train and engage the new workforce and to make them ready for the year ahead. Impress, educate and engage your new hires this DECEMBER.

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4. Flexibility Matters

Flexibility provides the required amount of freedom to the employees. Freedom to schedule and choose the location of the work encourages trust and ownership among the employees and hence, has a direct effect on the productivity, happiness quotient, and engagement. There are several markets and workforce studies that highlight that the employees with flexible work hour and location are more productive than the one restricted to a 9 to 5 desk job.

How does it help?

Flexibility allows employees to put more efforts and own the outcome of their work. A sense of ownership makes an employee more responsible and productive. Start this season of festivity by creating a flexible work ecosystem for your employees, so that they can manage the work and personal affairs without hampering business productivity.

5. Be Thankful

A simple gesture of ‘Thankfulness’ makes a huge difference. Often organizations stain employee relationships by failing to acknowledge the constant efforts that their employees make. Whereas, creating a tradition of gratitude within the organizations helps them restore the strained relationships, trust, and energy in the workplace. It has been surveyed that the employees with supportive supervisors are 1.3 times more productive and 67% more engaged than any regular working professional.

How does it help?

Gratitude is a part of recognition and appreciation. It demonstrates that the company is beholden by the constant efforts of its employee and is appreciative for their support – a simple gesture highlighting the trust of an employer in its workers. December is a great time to celebrate, appreciate and thank your employees for their continued work, confidence and effort.

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Once a wise man said, “Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first.”

Employees who believe that the management is concerned about them, on both professional and personal front – are more productive, satisfied and engaged. Happy employees mean satisfied customers which, on the other hand, leads to more output and profitability.

Why Do You Need an Employee Engagement Strategy?

An engagement plan for December will not only help organizations engage the disengaged workforce, but it also helps them set a ground for next year’s engagement plans. Holidays and festivity set grounds for collaboration, connection and bonding between the teams. It is one of the best time for. Association, collaboration, team spirit, festivity rekindles the fire and help businesses realign their goals. Utilize DECEMBER to engage your employees more with the company’s goal. An engaged employee is more productive and loyal towards a corporation. Hence, utilizing DECEMBER to energize your workforce along with setting grounds for next year’s business plan should be the primary GOAL of an Employer.

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