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Traditionally recruitment is done through, search for resumes through multiple job boards. This is a tried and tested way to reach out to talent. With the evolution of social media, recruiters have also been able to fetch the benefits of resume postings via multiple social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. However, the task of making multiple login accounts, searching and distributing open vacancies on various job boards is a time-consuming one. It is usually followed by increased effort in sourcing candidates and spends in recruitment advertisements. However, technical advancements have never failed to surprise several industries.  This time, it is recruitment.

Role of Talentstream Job Distribution – What does it do?

Broadbean eases and streamlines the recruiters’ job posting process allowing them to enhance their efficiency with greater convenience to find the best fit for their organization.

With Talentstream Job Distribution, Broadbean makes it all the way convenient for recruiters to sync all their job boards and social posting channels at one platform. That means time consumed in copying and pasting across systems is eliminated and tracking of candidates from application till placement became easier and faster. Remember, you can integrate over 6000 job boards with your Talentstream Job Distribution software and enjoy easy recruiting.

Talentstream Job Distribution- Features Overview:

  • Recruiters can quickly post jobs & manage job seekers across multiple job boards.
  • Recruiters get an easy set-up & configuration, making their task efficient and faster.
  • Recruiters can check, and delete job options, as per their requirements.
  • Recruiters can track online recruitment performance metrics.
  • Recruiters are facilitated with only one interface that comes along with one login for all sourcing channels.
  • Recruiters can join the 3-step easy job distribution process of posting jobs via multiple destinations.
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Talentstream Job Distribution- Benefits Overview:

  • Recruiters get an opportunity to distribute jobs over multiple destinations via one interface and login.
  • Recruiters get an opportunity to post jobs to social media channels- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Recruiters get visibility into current posting status.
  • Recruiters get real-time access board performance by job and can delete irrelevant job postings
  • Recruiters can effectively conduct ROI tracking in their ATS.
  • With Talentstream Job Distribution, recruiters can focus on identifying user quality, over job board quality.


Candidate Sourcing Platform
Candidate Sourcing Platform

Role of Talentstream Search – What does it do?

For all the recruiters who have been facing the challenges of resume job posting on multiple platforms, Broadbean makes it all easier by decreasing the time invested in searching candidates, and at the same time, improving the chances of the jobs being searched by the applicants. Talentstream Resume Search is hence the new platform that enables recruiters to use the software as a service.

All you need to do is, buy a software license for using the products via cloud and gain access the same from multiple locations as well. Talentstream Resume Search integrates with recruiters’ database, enabling them to monitor candidates’ journey from the time of their application till placement.

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 Talentstream Search- Features Overview:

  • One click and you can find candidates available on multiple job boards, as well as, sourcing channels, all at the same time.
  • Connect with your top candidates by viewing their responses and initiating the recruitment process in no time.
  • View real-time candidate’s results from leading job boards and connect them through a convenient apply online method to already posted job vacancies.
  • Expand your candidate pool by stretching your job search not only via job boards but also via social media platforms or other online public profiles.
  • Improve your search channel ROI by identifying the sourcing platforms providing the best candidates and evaluate costs for available candidates for open positions.

Talentstream Resume Search- Benefits Overview:

  • Recruiters can search across multiple job boards via just one interface with just one login.
  • Recruiters can save and tag their previous searches to shortlist their favorite candidates for future reference.
  • With Talentstream Resume Search platform, recruiters can easily import candidates to their ATS within a matter of minutes.
  • Recruiters can efficiently reduce the redundancy by automating their searches and get quality results.
  • With smart Talentstream Resume Search software, recruiters can restrict views by recruiter and secure all their operations.
  • Recruiters while using the software can identify best candidate sources, as well as, reduce replication of candidates.
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 Whether your recruitment priority is to save time on resume search or enhance your candidate sourcing efficiency, Broadbean, becomes your sole platform allowing you to smoothen all your candidate searching methods by bringing all the job boards and social channels at one place. Time is money, and Broadbean takes care of that.

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