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It is becoming common to use the staffing agency to hire the temporary employee. At CareerBuilder, we realise that there are several organisations, managers and owners who are new to the process of engaging a recruitment agency in hiring the temp.

Therefore, we decided to put forward our observation in the form of a solution describing 6 smart ways to use the staffing firm for hiring a temporary employee.

Before we get started, let’s define the temp staff – who are often confused with contract or part-time and casual staff.

What is a temporary employee?

Temp staff is typically hired through a third party. They are considered as casual to distinct staff who are directly employed by the organisation on a casual basis.

Contractors are either on the company payroll or hired by the staffing firm for a fixed period. In another case, independent contractors’ also known as contingent workers have their own ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) or company. They invoice the organisation for a defined contractual period.

It is important to know that the employment relationship with the temporary employee lies with the third party (HR outsourcing agency or staffing company).

Intelligent approaches to save money using recruitment agency

temporary employee

Here is how recruiting agencies with polished resume database can help you to save more and increase the likelihoods of reaching the right employee on the first try.

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1. Reduce turnover costs

The staffing firms help decrease turnover by screening candidates before even they walk through the door. In several cases, recruiting firms have worked with the candidate on a consultative or temporary basis before. They are staffing specialists to determine whether the prospective employee will be able to mesh with office culture and perform to standards.

2. Save time in the hiring process

The best staffing agencies keep the resumes of thousands of experienced candidates and have a broad network of local professionals. It is the reason, upon seeing the requirements for a position, an agency can deliver the candidate who is a right fit or closer to required job description than you could likely find on your own.

Moreover, they handle the most time-consuming elements of the hiring process including skill testing, initial interview, reference checks and on-boarding. Subsequently, saving the time of wading through a swarm of resumes from unqualified applicants.

3. Help to reduce the overtime

Temporary employees are quite useful when organisation require extra hands-on jobs like filing taxes, publish new marketing material, perform an audit and initiate an IT upgrade. In such busy times, recruitment agencies can help to save money.

They can provide contingent workers who boast the skill sets require to fill the gap. It avoids burning out organisation’s most valuable team members and eliminates the cost of paying overtime to full-time employees.

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4. Compensation savings

When using, the staffing agency companies can easily save money and time on temporary employees compensation claims. They can help to save on administrative costs for employees who are seasonal or sporadic.

Moreover, these staffing firms can also assist in reduced compensation deposit. The growth in the temp hires means a decline in a company’s payroll. Therefore reduced premiums means lowers staff compensation deposits. For several organisations, the savings can make a significant difference.

Additionally, in the case of compensation insurance organisation do not have to pay more than what their requirements are at the time.

5. Illness and Time offs

Most of the contracted staffing firms have well-organised large-scale resume database and can immediately provide temporary employees as a replacement when full-time staff call in sick at the last minute.  All the company have to do is to call and tell them what they are looking for. However, this process becomes easier once the organisation have a relationship with a staffing agency.

6. Knowledge and Expertise

Staffing companies have an enormous amount of expertise and experience compared to HR departments of several small businesses. Since recruitment agencies focus on employment, they are always up to date with all of the amendments in employment trends and laws.

To leverage the staffing services entirely, it is imperative for organisations to communicate their goals and requirements to them every step of the way. It will put organisations in the best position to maximise their working relationships with them.

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