It is no secret that 100% productive utilization of work is next to impossible. The reasons of divergence from reaching cent percent productivity can be innumerable. Time spent chit-chatting, unending rounds to the Xerox machine, and the mini walks that you take after every hour spent squatting at your seat. Are they really helping you rejuvenate, or just shifting deadlines a little afar?

For the bosses though there is no reassurance of maximum productivity being achieved even if the employees are making the most of their time. Break-times, for one, are a highly open-ended debate. However, if Hawthorne studies are to be believed, then breaks are rather a boon to productivity. Looking at the undecided nature of workplace productivity and its correlation with time management, CareerBuilder India has devised a fun quiz to know how many people are really seriously contributing to workplace productivity.

Click here to take the quiz and know your productivity quotient!


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