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In conversation with Mr. Dev Sharma we spoke about “how essential the role of technology in Talent Acquisition is?” The talent hiring practitioner enlightened CareerBuilder India about his perspective on ‘what lies in future for the recruitment industry.

 Directly from Mr. Dev Sharma

Remember days when jobseekers had to use a magnifying glass and search for walk-in and recruitment advertisements on newspapers? I am sure you do!

Twist! Happened TA- Tech Shift! Yes, Geeks who play with codes today, brought a technology shift resulting in transformation in the hiring process.

Why this Technology shift?

 “Technology is not only limited with how products are made and marketed but also how employees perform their roles. The recent shift in technology is  creating entirely new careers, restructuring existing ones, and changing the way companies recruit and engage talent. For instance, technology is now making it possible for companies to reach out and hire talent directly from college with less or no middle layers,” says Aashutosh Bhardvaj CEO of Kryptos Mobile.


Technology helps in Decision Making

With the help of technology, the talent acquisition \team of any large or small enterprise can conduct automated candidate assessment filter profiles as per their need. Various Technology platforms enable TA Teams to collect huge data of jobseekers, create a perfect talent pool and bring the right candidate on board.

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Carry your Own Career Path

A passive jobseeker who receives daily job notifications on his mobile phone may change his mind by adding a new headcount to an organization.

On top of it, recently launched pps are connecting jobseekers and recruiters to share the platform where they can meet the best fit.

What lies in Future?

Technology changes and upgradation of various tech integrated hiring tools changed the method of hiring and practise Interviews. Most of the companies like Kryptos Mobile and GIOculusIT have started stepping into in new technological hiring solutions such as, video interviewing and social media hunting.

“We have completely stepped in towards Internet and apps based hiring models, wherein jobseekers and recruiters are connected with each other 24/7 and that has enabled recruitment process to evolve from just an interview or three step judgement of a talent to more interactive based understanding.” said Aashutosh Bhardvaj, CEO of Kryptos Mobile.

In future, TA’s would likely to invite or shortlist only those candidates who would come up with their own dynamic video representing Body Language, Communication skills and relevant experience or in simple term, video that impress a Recruiter.

In addition, websites containing videos are 67 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search in comparison to simple text. Hence, improvement on job site would be required to sync up this video feature and site enhancement. For both recruiter and candidate it would be a great add on Hiring Future feature. Therefore, value of video integration is clear.

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Video is a highly efficient and effective tool that seamlessly integrates into existing recruitment strategies. As per Ajit Singh, CEO and Founder of GIOculusIT, noted that Video Profiles can provide far more detail about a candidate than a paper resume can.

“Cloud and Database based hiring tools will allow recruiters and hiring managers to identify, evaluate and organize top job candidates, while innovative assessment and filtering techniques will help provide a real time view of top applicants,” Ajit Singh said

In order to approach Passive candidates, Data analytics would play Key role in future.

Aashutosh Bhardvaj added “Companies are using data to capture a whole-person analysis of candidates to determine if they have the competencies, experiences, traits and drivers to succeed”

As per him more you innovative with internet hunting, chances are high to attract passive hires. Since innovation in the TA field is only going to accelerate in the future.

With this added Technology shift in Talent Acquisition, jobseekers and employers are not only limited to Interviews, Hiring and On boarding but beyond this is a long term Human Connection via various Technology integrated tools.



Dev Sharma is managing Human Resource and Hiring in the IT industry. An MBA in HR from Rajasthan, Dev has a rich experience in technology, and is active on multiple HR communities. Besides, Dev Sharma is a passionate Basketball and Snooker player. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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