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To manage and retain Gen Y candidates, recruiters need to think like Gen Y. This means their job demands much more than what they are doing right now. It is the time to introduce new age HR strategy that would help not just attract millenials but also retain them.


Here is what the HRs need to revamp in their strategy:

The right branding to source the right candidate: Recruiting Gen Y is a challenge. And one way to attract them is by telling exactly what you are and what you do? You need to showcase the organization without having hype, because there should be genuine projection of what the company is going to offer to the candidate and how he or she is going to make career in the organization.

Dr. AsitMohapatra – Raymonds’ director HR shares that: “We got a very top notch CFO kind of a person, but in a different type of the organization that person was not able to adapt to the company’s requirement.”

Strategize what would retain Gen Y or Gen Z:

Strategizing is a part of every department in a business, so is of HR. HR professionals have to come up with a strategy to retain the next generation. As Sunil Sharma- Senior Deputy General Manager – Corporate HR & Personnel at Larsen & Toubro Limited says, “…you know every Gen Y has a different need, you can’t have just one way of retaining the Gen Y, every Gen Y has a different aspiration, different need. So, basically classifying them into one cluster and then catering to it is what we can do.”

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To retain Gen Y Mr. Gaurav Gupta, HR, Rolta India Limited also suggests that, “They are impartiality& responsibility-oriented, so, if you create a project for Gen Y, which is engaging them in terms of technology, in terms of fairness, and right growth, you will be able to retain Gen Y.”

For millennials, it is growth that matters the most, so work upon creating an organization where there is long term career perspective, immediate knowledge acquisition, key projects.

Identifying the non performers: Non performers are a part of every organization. However, what matters is what are you doing to turn them into good performers? Yes, it can be a possibility that the employee is currently not performing well, but is capable of doing it.

KalpanaHinduja (HR-India Factoring and Finance Solutions Pvt. Ltd) also talks about on similar lines, “There is always a way here to train the slow performers or the non-performers and we as an organization always give a good amount of time to train our people, to correct them if they are wrong, to explain them where they are going wrong, what are the flaws that they have, attitude wise, work wise, or approach wise.”

Be updated: With time, the job roles of HR professionals too changes within moment. Any change in the entire industry can demand a new strategy. This even includes staying uopdated with the technology.

On the similar lines, Dr. AsitMohapatra suggests, “The more we know, the more we are able to value add.” Talking about its value, he says, “You may lose a good candidate because you are not able to holistically understand various competence of the person or you are hiring a wrong person and really facing a lot of problem So, I sincerely appeal to all the recruiters, even my fraternity people that please upgrade your knowledge through applications of talent acquisition.”

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