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Here we are with another common but most neglected resume tip. Most of the job seekers start their job hunt with one resume for different job profiles. If you too are one, then hold on, as you may not get what you expect.

So, the tip is ‘Match your resume to the job you are applying for.’ Thus, be prepared with tweaks in these three most important areas: Role Match, Value Match and Skill Match.

What you need to revise in your Resume?

Whenever you got a chance to apply for a new job vacancy, revise these three points in your resume:

Role Match:

Make sure that your “Target Job title” matches with the job position that is advertised for. This would make you easily traceable in the ATS (applicant tracking system) or the recruiters/ hiring manager’s hunt.

Value Match:

Emphasize on the previous responsibilities and qualifications from your past to create a value for yourself that the job profile demands. With your resume, you have to tell what value you can bring to the organization. Here, you need to go beyond the tangible skills and highlight your personality and working traits in a way that portrays you a perfect pick for the vacancy.

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Skill Match:

Never neglect the skills section in your resume. Focus upon the skills (hard as well as soft) that the job description demands from you. And yes, make good use of your past experience to support what you say.

You would hardly need 5 minutes from your busy schedule to make tweaks in your resume every time before applying for different job. And these 5 minutes can really make a difference.

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