jobs in hyderabad

The ‘City of Pearls’ and world famous ‘City of Nizams’; Hyderabad of 21st century is the melting pot of different culture, religion and tradition in India. Attracted by the booming IT industry in the state; Hyderabad – capital city of Telangana and de jure capital of southern Indian state Andhra Pradesh has now become the emerging IT capital of India. Considered as the third largest IT/ITES exporter in India, Hyderabad has become the very first destination of IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many other MNCs like Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Polaris,, Dell, Wipro , HCL, Infosys, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services et al. These IT giants and MNCs are responsible for vast pool of jobs in Hyderabad for freshers.

jobs in hyderabad

The growing jobs in Hyderabad for freshers and experienced professionals have attracted many new faces towards the city and Hyderabad has witnessed highest percentage of relocation in the past few years. So if you are among IT job aspirants looking for some amazing job opportunity, Hyderabad should be your next destination.

But moving to a totally new city could get difficult, so it’s important to know the city before you relocate. Consider these basics before you relocate or search for job.


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Fundamentals of the City

Hyderabad constitutes of two types of people – the immigrants (the one who have relocated from other cities) and the locals. You will also find two ways of living – the traditional and the modern. Ancient Hyderabad was center of Nizam and Muslim dynasties in India; hence you are going to find ample Muslim populace who are based in the old city. Locals are Hindu and speak Telugu and Hindi. However English is a wide spoken language in the cosmopolitan city. Secunderabad is Hyderabad’s twin city.


The Locals

Hyderabadi are very-friendly, nice and helpful people and beyond that the attitude of the public is same as compared to other places in India and world. The city has all types of people just like in any corner of the world and your interaction will totally depend upon the way you interact and with whom you interact. So it’s always beneficial to have good company.


Booming IT

Hyderabad ranks third as the IT service exporter of India. With growing industrialization and growing digitization in the country, Hyderabad is the new center of attraction for IT giants and leading MNCs of the world. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook headquarters in Hyderabad and are responsible for booming jobs in Hyderabad for freshers. These opportunities have made Hyderabad a melting point of different culture and tradition in the country.


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Hyderabad is famous for its Nizam culinary culture and you will find a variety of Nizami and Mulgalai food. Hyderabadi Biryani is famous around the globe. You will also find other food variations. Hyderabad is a paradise for foodies.



Hyderabad has one of the best public transport system which comprises of public buses and sub-urban train system – MMTS. A fairly priced auto rickshaw could be found anywhere in the city. So transportation in Hyderabad is not difficult at all.

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