Reliance- Titan & Uber- Heading Towards Talent Engagement Differently

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The tech space is bombarded with brands that have transformed into top legends. With the ever-evolving urge to hire and retain premium talent; a large portion of organizations have considered a series of initiatives, which help them emerge from the rest in the recruitment industry.

‘Reliance’, the Indian conglomerate with businesses in energy, petrochemicals, textiles & more; ‘Titan’ founded as the watch maker, and ‘Uber’ the leading startup with its mass presence in cab services are three different domains, that have come out of their comfort zones to do something different this year with their HR processes. From finding to acquiring and finally retaining employees on board, these brands have mesmerized the recruitment industry owing to their innovative efforts.

Talent Engagement – Learn the tricks of the trade

Whether you are an employer or HR leader, having a glance at the enrolled initiatives can open the window of tips & strategies that can be implemented in your association:

==> Reliance Industries

The brand that has always captivated the eyes of public, has released a plethora of initiatives for hiring the best talent. Reliance, under its CAP or Career Acceleration Program, would be enabling its employees to plan their career development by shifting their core functions after giving a certain set of tests. Another is The ‘Step Up’ program that is designed exclusively to allow employees to grow within the same function they are into, with additional mentoring for their assistance.

Around 4 years back, Reliance introduced a program RALP or Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program for senior level employees.

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Talent Management
Talent Management

==> Titan

World known Titan, a Tata group firm has lately announced a VRS or Voluntary Retirement Scheme- the initiative to reduce employees’ headcount as a means to enhance their productivity. The initiative is designed for employees who have either accomplished a tenure of 10 years of employment or are over 40 years of age. One of the largest watch and jewelry manufacturer, Titan owns a workforce of around 7,558 employees out of whom, many of them can avail the scheme and enjoy the excellent initiative rolled out by their organization to improve productivity.

==> Uber

We have only heard of traveling through Uber cabs. However, the leading brand in cabs has also put forth some amazing internship opportunities for fresh grads. While, partnering with four other firms, the organization has released a paid internship program for Delhi students. The initiative is getting famous with the name ‘#UberLaunchPad” which helps students to give interviews while on their Uber ride and get selected for a paid internship.

The cab leader is currently on the hunt for managers, which is why it has innovated this trendy and non-conventional way to hire them. The company believes that people who have already used the Uber service could be potential candidates as they can become the future local employees.

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As the market leaders are on the spree to find, retain & engage talent, budding, as well as, the experienced entrepreneurs, can also formulate innovative strategies as mentioned above, which can not only help them stand out in the competition but also engage the right candidates who will become the long-lasting employees of their organizations tomorrow.

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