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Love comes in all shapes and sizes and can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone. Workplaces are no exception and dating, falling in love with a co-worker or bosses are in fact pretty standard.

Though there is no doubt it is a natural occurrence – to fall for the boss – it has its list of complications, even more than dating a co-worker.

Power and authority can also make other people seem more attractive – most people had a crush on a teacher when they were at school but hardly followed it because they know it was something forbidden.

However, there are certain rules and regulations one needs to keep in mind while choosing to date at the workplace. And if the person of your romantic interest happens to be your boss, you need to get a little more cautious, especially when you both are in the workplace.

So, what are the tips you need to follow while dating your boss? Here’s a look:

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#1. Try and maintain secrecy

Having a relationship with your boss at the same workplace, might not be the absolute ideal. However, one can always try and maintain discretion and be diligent about the same. It might be rather difficult, as gossip mongers are there in every office. But, try to retain the secrecy element as long as you can.

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#2. Don’t be discreet. Be diligent

This is an important thing to take care of. Always be cautious and never let your intimacy add to your ago. Never seek favours from your boss just because you are dating him or her. Handle competition at your level just as you would have done otherwise. Ensure you do not spend too much time at your boss’s desk/cabin.

#3. Limit the favours

Avoid taking limits from him or her that are not on your performance. Remember, if you do so, you will become a villain in the eyes of co-workers in no time. Every move you make towards success will be aligned to your romantic relationship with your boss. So, avoid it as much as possible. In doing so, not only are your efforts ignores but also strips off all your credits. It is a bad idea to expect any favours from anyone, especially in the reporting structure.

#4. Maintain respect and equality

Unless and until you are some vamp, try and keep as much respect as possible in your relationship. Always remember to keep the require distance while in office and especially during the business meet. Just because you are dating him or her in your personal life, do not treat the person casually at a workplace. Do give him or her the due respect he or she deserves.

Understand that dating your immediate boss at the same workplace can have certain perils. You have to know how to deal with office gossips as keeping these things under wrap is not always possible. However, if you know your boundaries and are ready to draw the necessary lines, the overall relationship can turn out to be fruitful, and you can end up having a fulfilling lifelong relation.

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