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Since the advent of technology, the overall hiring process has undergone a tremendous change. And now, with India being established as the hub of startups, recruitment technology in India has shot up to a considerable extent.

Attracting top talent is one of the major concerns for Indian companies in present times – especially for competitive organizations. The process of talent acquisition makes sure that a company gets the right candidates for its required vacant positions. The various needs of companies primarily to acquire the best possible talent makes proper way for the talent acquisition practice to be in place.

With ever-changing trends in the world of technology, Indian companies are now demanding the best talent that can become a proper growth driver. Young millennials and Generation Z has been instrumental in transforming the face of talent acquisition to a great extent with the implementation of recruitment technology in India. The rampant use of social media tools and of course new technology trends in the recruitment world. Over the last five years, many companies in India have tried new ways of bringing in new talent into their organizations and needless to say, that they are implementing new technology – like talent analytics and big data analytics to boost further and enhance their process of talent acquisition.

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According to a report published by Korn Ferry, a global advisory firm, the recruitment scenario in the country has received a substantial boost regarding using technology. The report reveals that India ranks highly in its use of online recruitment tools. 53% Indian employers and human resource professionals use applicant tracking systems, recruitment software and even video interviewing each for hiring, as compared to their global counterparts who are surprisingly lagging behind at 48% and 46% respectively.

The report says that globally not all talent acquisition professionals are not implementing or utilizing the power of recruitment technology or recruitment software tools. However, on the other hand, the use recruitment technology in India has gone up to a considerable extent and employers are leveraging the power of the same; though, the use of mobile recruitment solutions remain a far-fetched dream for many.

A trend has been observed that young professionals often end up searching for new job positions using their smartphones and they often look towards applying through their handy electronic devices as well.

But, unfortunately,

Nearly 81% of Indian HR leaders or talent acquisition professionals do not make use of the widely available mobile recruiting tools.

This is a significant missed opportunity in the process of candidate attraction or sourcing strategies, especially for the younger generation.

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Nearly 50% of talent acquisition teams are either unaligned or only partially coordinated with the larger objectives of their organization. This lack of cohesion often has under the scrutiny of senior HR leaders, and they opine that given an opportunity they would work towards improving their role as a partner to their existing businesses.

While the use of ATS (53%), video interviewing (53%) and online assessment (51%) is slightly higher in India than the global average, those who make use of recruitment software tools, very few end up capitalizing the power of the same to a full-extent.

Finally, Indian talent acquisition specialists are also rampantly making use of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). The top two ways by which organizations work with RPOs are sourcing (95%) and screening (72%), and a very few utilize other services such as employer branding and building talent communities.

Whether it is the use of recruitment technologies or hiring analytics, it can be said that Indian corporates are all set to redefine the way modern-day recruitment takes place and of course set an example for all their global counterparts. Recruitment technology in India has a long way to go.

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