The secret key to success

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The Recruitment process is an expensive job. Be it the time to screen candidates or cost of hire, the journey to find the right people is always a difficult one. In such scenarios, businesses often experience unsuccessful recruitment by hiring the wrong candidates. At this juncture, opening the secret book of great employers can pave the gateway to successful recruitment.

The below-unrolled secrets of good employers can help you adapt the power to become successful in the recruitment industry:

‘Secret No. 5’

They Hire ‘The Safe’ Candidate

Big Organizations believe in becoming big brands and they ensure this by hiring candidates who are safe to hire. They assess whether the candidate complements the profile of the job role they have on offer by checking his/her experience and stability in that particular work. The one who is missing talents and stability in job, is not the one whom a great company would like to welcome on board. Instead, great employers only hire winners, employees who would hit the ground.

‘Secret No. 4’

They Search for Flexible Talent

For great employers, it is not vital to hire a candidate who has a background of the same industry he/she is likely to enter. They believe in searching for candidate who possess the skills to work in an entirely different industry. Some of the talents such as management, coordination, quality check, customer service, communication, problem solving can be found in candidates who do not own the same background at all yet happen to be the successful employees of their organizations.

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‘Secret No. 3’

They Know the Art of ‘Right Interviewing’

Unlike small-sized or inexperienced organizations, a great employer knows the tricks to impress candidates in the interview rather asking candidates to impress them. From proper time scheduling, secluded meeting rooms, single interviewer to asking the right questions and offering package that is encouraging, they ensure the candidates (hired or rejected); both leave with a positive attitude, ultimately leading to employer branding.

The secret key to success
The secret key to success

‘Secret No. 2’

They Never Skip to Perform Checks

Learning from great employers is a blessing in disguise if recruiters decide to execute the same trend in their organizations as well. One of the greatest learnings is never overlooking performance and background checks of candidates once they become employees of the organization. When references are concerned, they look for contingencies in candidates who do not come from a skeptical work/personal background. All this helps them articulate a sense of authenticity of their brand identity and zeal towards maintaining a world-class organizational culture, which they do not ever want to lose.

‘Secret No. 1’

They Believe in Earning Over Self-Proclaiming

Earning the label of the ‘best employer’ is a greater accomplishment for an organization than claiming to be the best employer in the country. Good employers do this by providing benefits to their employees, which can comfort, facilitate and ultimately motivate them to perform better. Not just this, successful make such work places, which employees love to work at and become their reason for a longer haul.

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Aiming to be like those great employers can be overwhelming if you adapt these secrets as learnings and implement them in the wisest way. Employees are contingent on good employers and the only way to their happiness is by polishing the traditional recruitment practices with new ones and exercising those, which ultimately help you succeed as a brand.

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