Top reasons HR technology is so hot today

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Recruitment and technology were not always compatible workers. But these days they are more like two sides of the same coin. As technology sees increasing developments, recruitment also raises the demand for the integration of these developments. It all began with the job boards. Portals to aggregate your average job search. But now there is a multitude of technology available to help and aid recruitment.

Recruitment technology


  • Targeted Advertising

Big data and analytics have made it possible for recruiters to identify their target audience and to decide what form of communication will work well as well as what platforms will engender the best results. A rather recent innovation in online recruitment is the use of syndicated display advertising technologies to increase the reach of job postings. Such advertisements are dynamically generated and distributed to a targeted audience across a number of web sites. The targeted advertising actually extends the reach of any job post and even helps when it comes to luring passive candidates.


  • Reaching the mobile generation

Technology has been around for quite some time now. Hence, it is not just about reaching tech-savvy people, we have moved on to reaching the next mobile-savvy generation. A major development in job posting distribution, mobile phones are the present platform to be on. With these devices, today’s workforce is more interconnected than ever before. Catering to this mobile audience is the new way to extend your job posting’s reach. This group usually consists of candidates who are in the prime of the careers, a recruiter’s dream to be sure. The mobile-savvy audience has begun discovering that the perfect channel for their use is in their palms. Creating apps for jobs is just the kind of support that is necessary to maintaining a healthy candidate pipeline.

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  • Meeting your candidates where they are

Social Media! Social media is not just about keeping in touch with old and new friends anymore. According to all sources, social media platforms are the new hunting ground for today’s recruiters. Your prospective candidates are already present on social media and according to a CareerBuilder survey, 83% of the job seekers prefer to conduct their job search through social media. Besides being an active recruitment strategy, social media also helps know things about a candidate that they wouldn’t normally divulge. This is particularly important when it comes to deciding if a candidate will be a good cultural fit in your company.


  • Talent Pipelines

The latest players in the recruitment game, talent pipelines offer a one-stop solution to your recruitment woes about finding quality hires. What you need is a platform that engages your company with the relevant job seekers and reduces the drop off and improves the SEO performance of your jobs. The perfect solution to this would be using the Talent Network, a technology, specifically designed to help recruiters engage with the right talent. The talent network helps by increasing the exposure of the available jobs to the approachable candidates as it makes sure that the availability is covered all over the web. The easy option to join the talent network allows even the passive candidates to stay connected and updated about any new openings.


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Recruitment is no longer an independent field. It’s intermingling with technology, instead of pushing it down, has allowed it to rise higher than it ever was.

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