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The human resource department is known for being occupied with plenty of tasks related to recruitment or the business. Every team member from a hiring executive, hiring manager, recruiter, talent acquisition specialist, to the administrative staff, is assigned with a blend of responsibilities to look after. However, there sometimes or often comes a period when a seasonal hiring is required, and the internal HR resources fail to meet those needs owing to their focus on the core errands. At that juncture, recruitment agencies appear into the picture. When we discuss recruitment agencies, there are several kinds of services available to meet the diverse needs of employers and recruiters.

Let’s take a look-

1. Contingency Recruitment Agencies

Contingency Agencies are also referred as employment agencies. They work in coordination with client organizations to tap top talent based on the company’s requirements. During the recruitment process, a short interview is also conducted followed by a few background checks. For this method, some contingency recruitment agencies charge a fee and some charge just a onetime payment. These organizations are ideally known for placing candidates in the HR administration department.

2. Retained Search Agencies

When it comes to finding the best candidates for a senior position, retained search agencies are known for them. Also referred as ‘Executive Search Firms,’ these agencies take a non-refundable fee from the client, and once a position is filled, the job of the agency ceases to take place. These types of recruitment agencies also devise latest hiring tools, applicant tracking software to find the best possible matches in the senior role.

3. Temp Agencies

Temp agencies are popularly referred as Staffing Agencies. These recruitment agencies usually hire candidates for short-term vacancies. Such positions appear when there is a sudden attrition rate in a company or where immediate projects are required to be accomplished. Staffing agencies are known for their expertise in finding the best talent for a contractual role. Companies associated with temp agencies usually pay an hourly cost for candidates hired. Furthermore, staffing agencies pay for candidate benefits and so on.

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4. Niche Recruiting Agencies

Have you heard of these agencies? Niche Recruitment Agencies are ideally required to find skilled candidates for specific roles. For instance, a company wants a chemical engineer with ten years of experience to undertake a senior role, Niche Recruitment Agencies with their team of professionals strive hard only to bring candidates who are highly skilled for the role.

5. Full-Scale RPO Agencies

These recruitment agencies usually work as a company’s internal recruitment function. RPO service providers are required ideally when an organization is experiencing a high demand for mass hiring which an internal HR team is unable to handle owing to their core responsibilities efficiently. Also, in cases, where is there is lack of or no HR at all, a company requires an RPO service company to undertake some portion or all of the recruitment responsibilities. These agencies are effective in bringing forth best results since their expertise lies in outsourcing HR functions only.

6. On-Demand RPO Agencies

Like above mentioned, these types of recruitment agencies provide HR services from sourcing, recruiting to coordination as and when the request for the same appears. Hence, instead of signing long-term contracts with clients, these on-demand recruitment outsourcing agencies provide every type of HR service for the time they are contracted. Additionally, these organizations help employers to cut down their recruitment cost and also save their time and effort required for hiring candidates.

After reading about the diverse types of recruitment agencies and the services they offer, HR leaders can reap their benefits by taking advantage of recruitment agencies. Whether to enhance the quality and quantity of candidates or to save on recruitment cost, employers can get in touch with recruitment agencies for the various services which can make the HR’s job easier, faster and efficient.

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