Remain Smart at a Job Fair

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Job fairs are an incredible approach to discover new employees and brand awareness as long as you know how to create that right impression and remain the distinct entity amongst your competitors in recruiting the right workforce. When you know the tricks, it becomes all the way easier to drive the much-needed attention of your prospects.

CareerBuilder presents the most effective do’s & don’t’ s, keeping in mind which, can pave the gateway to success in your upcoming job fair for a better recruiting:

What recruiters must do?

  • Plan the setup at least 1 month before
  • Determine positions to be filled
  • Create a set of friendly, crisp & non-invasive interview questions
  • Be amicable while dealing with offensive candidates
  • Maintain your composure in the crowd of competitors
  • Talk to prospects by engaging with them
  • Smile, shake hands to all candidates you encounter

How will it benefit?

  • Will help you maintain your brand image
  • Will help you act as the face of your organization
  • Will reflect professionalism
  • Will help you drive candidate’s attention


Remain Smart at a Job Fair
Remain Smart at a Job Fair


While, the above pointers must be kept in mind as ‘do’s’, underneath are those you must not do at a  job fair:

  • Do not eat your meals at your booth setup
  • Do not keep your phone ringing continuously
  • Do not convey any negative comment to offensive candidates
  • Do not dress unprofessionally
  • Do not seem shut off from candidates
  • Do not arrive late in the job fair
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How will it benefit?

  • Will help you maintain your brand identity
  • Will help you stand out from your competitors
  • Will help you drive the right candidates
  • Will help you boost your brand much faster


What to do once you have established potential candidates?

  • Use pre-hire software solutions to create a pool of talent called for interview.
  • Track list of candidates appeared after calling.
  • Allow for online booking of interviews for missed candidates.
  • Schedule fast-paced interviews with no last-minute cancellations.


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