Human Resource Management in the 21st Century

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Recruiters who are serious about hiring the best talent do not delay in investing in the best technology to hire.  While, an excessive number of organizations still depend on manual frameworks, modern HR software solutions help businesses to wipe out their existing fundamental issues and make best recruitment in no time.  What are those 5 things smart HR leaders wave goodbye to when they invest in HR software? Let’s find out:

1. Prejudice

According to a recent study, over a quarter of existing employees feel that the new hires have been made because of bias. However, recruiters working at some of the top brands namely BBC, Google, Accenture, take leverage from HR software to make their recruitment process successful, time-consuming and cost-effective. Applicant tracking systems have designed and evolved to screen applicants on basis of objective criteria, reducing oblivious favouritism.

2. Ordinary Tasks

According to a study by Financial Times, everyday sourcing tasks carried out by recruiters are gradually being wiped out by innovations in some of the most prominent organizations including KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst and Young. This opens a wonderful opportunity for HR’s to concentrate on more significant work, for example, having those essential discussions with CEO’s, candidates, employees and other queued-up activities.

Benefits of HR Analytics

3. Missing Resumes

According to a survey, HR executives are often occupied with finding those files, documents and resumes of candidates which are missing from their manually-designed database. This consumes plenty of time. On the contrary, HR’s at some of the top IT giants like WIPRO and IBM have employed HR software, which have made their life remarkably easier. HR software stores every information of your candidates in one place, enabling you with transparent, easier, and faster dashboards that permit you to quickly track the status of all of your open job vacancies.

4. Unclear Recruitment Results

Clarity in employing is very important. When candidates cancel or do not turn up for interviews, there are no processes to determine the end results in total hiring. With the evolution of HR tools, more and more employers such as HCL, Google, Yahoo are waving a goodbye to manual processes and having clear results in terms of recruitment. From identifying the candidates abandoning applications, cancelling interviews, to results appearing from your careers site, modern-day recruitment software allows your recruitment strategy to be effective by all means- time, cost, & effort.

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5. Inappropriate Job Postings

Surveys from Facebook professional groups reveal that HR executives, unprofessional HR personnel post jobs asking for ‘No drunks, No mummy’s boys, No political leaders, No drug addicts.’ Such inappropriate posts ultimately reflect a negative image of the brand. Latest HR software are equipped with hiring manager portal that prevents the recruiter from posting non-compliant job posts which boost your employer brand.

Hiring is indeed a challenging process which can take away all your mental peace with manual screening, sourcing and hiring. However, with the advent of latest HR software, you can not only make all your recruitment tasks easier, unload the hassle of manual hiring but you can also take your brand name to the top for years to come.

“Greater the size of the company, higher the ranking of the brand in the market.”

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