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Today, it’s a message for recruiters who reject the candidates only on the basis of experience.

Experience. How important is it for you or for your organization? Does your eyes hunt for years of experience on the resume or does your telephone conversation with a prospective candidate starts with the relevant experience s/he holds? If you really stuck upon the term experience to decide whether to call a candidate for person round of interview or not, then here is an advice for you. STOP LOOKING For EXPERIENCE. Yes, I can explain the reason.

Choosing a candidate only on the basis of experience doesn’t help you in real. Experience makes your work easy, as the candidate already knows what is to be done and can grab the work quickly without wasting the crucial time. True? No, false, there is no guarantee that experience can make him do the work efficiently, also, even if he has the experience, there might be ‘N’ no. of elements that can restrict him to give his 100%.

So, if experience is just one out of many aspects to rely on him, then why can you not just give a chance to other candidates who might have other elements/qualifications/skills to perform a job better than those with the experience?

I can further list few reasons to back what I mean to say:

  1. There is a probability that the non-experienced candidate is much motivated than the experienced candidate.
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Reason: They have the experience. They know what it is and know how it is done even blind-folded. Since it is not challenging, it might not be motivating for them too. However, the candidate without experience who has a new job, knows he has skills and is even motivated to take up the challenge, can soon make his own experience.

  1. Experience allows us to put less effort whereas inexperience demands more. I hope you expect 100% efforts be it any task.

Reason: Continuing with the reasoning of point 1, I would say that when a candidate knows how to do a particular task, he doesn’t ponder much thought over it. He finishes it the way he has been doing it earlier. I would say, this is just 50% of the efforts he can actually put for doing that task. On the other side, the candidate without experience but with skills will put 150% efforts and would not just complete the task, but would learn too. You can give them challenges or get them in shoes a size or two bigger, they’ll surely grow into it and will adapt to your work culture as well.


I think I have explained myself enough and you would have got why I do not want you to reject candidates just on the basis of experience. In case, you are not convinced or have a different perspective, then do comment your thoughts below.

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