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Do you have ‘Result-driven’, ‘Go-getter’, or ‘out-of-the-box thinker’ words in your resume? Your resume is at risk in that case, as per the recent survey!

A recent study initiated by CareerBuilder says that most of the recruiters or hiring managers (68%) spend 2 minutes on a resume to scan relevancy for the job profile. So what is it that they look for in these 2 minutes? The survey, in which 2,201 hiring managers and human resources professionals across industries took part, reveals some powerful words that lead to a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for hiring a candidate.

Resume Advice by Premlesh Machama, Managing Director at CareerBuilder India: “Recruiters prefer information that is presented in a succinct, attractive & attention-grabbing manner. Instead of using a generalised resume approach, recruiters prefer a targeted and much more effective approach. It is better to avoid cliches and subjective terms as they don’t convey real information.”

Have a look at the choice of words that can make a difference in your CV (as per the survey)

The Turn Ons:

  • Achieved-52%
  • Improved-48%
  • Trained/mentored-47%
  • Managed-44%
  • Created-43%
  • Resolved-40%

The Turn Offs:

  • Go getter-38%
  • Think outside of the box-27%
  • Synergy-26%
  • Go to person-22%
  • Thought leadership-16%

Other similar words in the list include:Best of breed, Value add, Results-driven, Team player, Bottom-line, Hard worker, Strategic thinker, Dynamic, Self-motivate, Detail-oriented, Proactively, Track record.

What it means: The recruiters or hiring managers today focus upon the actions & efforts instead of knowing your skills. In fact, they want to know how perfectly have you used your skills and opportunities to get the work done for meeting the goals & objectives. Indeed, if you have to sell yourself, you have to display your value at the best!

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