Deadly Sins

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The Seven Deadly Sins that can not just ruin a recruiter’s career but affects organizations goals too are better to stay away from. Scroll down to know how you can do that.

Greed: I can offer you this and not that.

Deadly Sins-Greed


This greed can save you few bucks but would cost you more. Employer branding is directly affected by this behavior, and surely you wouldn’t want that. This does not mean you should overpay employees, because that too has adverse affect.

Sloth: Let’s mass spam the candidates

Deadly Sins-Sloth

Recruiter’s need not show their skills of cut ‘n’ paste. Don’t kill your employer branding by mailing one common template to every open candidate. It takes a minute or two to make it personalized.

Gluttony: I rely on my glutton’s recruiting strategy

Deadly Sins-Gluttony

Active candidates are looking for job but they are only 30% of the total candidates. Other 70 % candidates are passive candidates. They are not closed to new jobs but they are not even making a job hunt. This means hiring passive candidates is an option, but you need a strategy to acquire them.

Anger/Wrath: Err, this is a rejected candidate

Deadly Sins-Wrath

A bad treatment to rejected candidates simply kills the value of your employer brand. Don’t just third wheel the rejected candidate. Give him feedback and tell him why he couldn’t be hired this time. Be courteous.

Lust: My search for non existants

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Deadly Sins-Lust

Never post a job ad before you analyze. It is must to analyze the talent pool and job requirement before you release a JD. Analyze all the requirements that your team is looking for and then only look for prospects.

Envy: For the perfect employer branding, extra cash/budget is all I need

Deadly Sins-Envy

Don’t envy & think logically. To extract the innovative ideas, work with the limited resources. It always works out. Employer branding is not about promotion only, you can make an impression with impressive interviewing and on boarding experiences too.

Pride: My company has the best resources


Even if you are considered as the elite company in your industry you must not get into self admiration mode. In fact, constantly work upon to stay elite and make efforts in enhancing employer branding & recruiting efforts. You never know when some other company can come up with a new strategy and take a lead. The moment you will take interest away from this, your talent might get lured by someone else.

Deadly Sins-Caution


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