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Growth Hacking has been a buzz word for quite some time now. It is also the most misunderstood concept as well. A hacker’s mentality is always to find the right shortcut to get the work done, instead of following the traditional process or the written method to track and when the method used is not so important, but it results in unexpected growth opportunity for the organisation. It is fundamentally a mentality which focuses on getting the work done rather than the process itself.

To quote from a talk with Shweta Shukla at Facebook, two interns floated the idea of giving a coloured profile picture to users if they promote the LGBT community. It was this Hacker’s mentality that got Facebook 30 million people support the concept.

Thus Growth Hacking is all about ingenious and workable, practical shortcuts that bring growth sprints in the organisation – where ideas could be coming in from all directions and any person without the inhibition of age, position or departments- they are confined to, innovation is bound to happen.

How Growth Hacking is redefining the Recruitment?

The term growth hacking is mostly used by the marketing department to apply various strategies to either reach out to a large audience quickly or reaching out to a unique set of demographics with the help of a ‘thinking out of the box’ idea. However, what people are not aware of is, the concept applies to each and every department in its perspective. The non-marketing departments like engineering, product development, operations, Finance and even HR can explore non-conventional methods to complete what they are set out to.

On recruiting, professionals growth hacking is a similar way to applying unique methods to reach out to the right set of candidates when it comes to hiring the right talent. It all starts from branding the company right. Once you have an established Employer Brand, this job comes easy. However, building a brand also needs to collaborate efforts from marketing & IT teams.

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Let us look at some actionable ideas that any recruiter in any company; small-time start-ups, mid-size businesses or large corporations can use to augment their recruiting efforts. Branding in the digital world has an enormous amount of positives, but even large companies fail to deliver the right digital experience to its customers or candidates.

Growth hacking techniques for recruitment

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Building a recruiting brand is not all talk. However, the discussion is important from the CEO of your company.

1. He would need to deliver a 2-minute speech which talks about the culture of the organisation and also answers the most sought after question for the candidates – Why should anybody join you.

2. A simple answer to this would be – Join for the Culture of the company. Easier said than done; there should be a clear explanation to what and how well the culture of the organisation is reflected in that Talk.

3. Don’t just stick to a video, ask other HODs to contribute as well.

4. Being a recruiting manager, go ahead and shoot yours as well. Creating a video goes a long way in answering those simple questions from candidates and also helps them to decide about becoming interested in joining your company.

5. Use of social media is important as usage by candidates has gone up to ninety percent. It proves you need to fish the candidates where they actually are.

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6. In the recruiting world, a hiring manager requires a robust mechanism that pushes jobs to many job boards within few minutes.

One such suggested medium is put up by Broadbean Technology where the software is capable of driving jobs to 7200+ job boards globally. All it does is integrates your ATS with your subscribed job boards.

7 . Another simple website called can be put to use for publishing jobs to your social handles – official & personal. It means you do not waste time in copying multiple job posts from your existing ATS to populate jobs on every social channel.

8. Use of HootSuite can also help you set up a single interface to post your most sought after positions on social channels. Ensure that you provide the right amount of information which helps the candidates to apply immediately.

9. Invest in a social referral tool & encourage your existing employees to use this referral tool which brings in candidates referred by them. A study says a “referral” is more likely to stay for an extended duration than others.

10. Keeping your attrition rate down. Needless to say the cost of acquisition for referrals is very basic & will never hurt your recruitment budget. Social referral tool can also uniquely track your referral sources and help you identify the right source to reward them accordingly. What can also help you earn brownie points is – hiring more referrals than your previous period and reduce the overall cost-per-hire, an important metric tracked by CHROs.

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11. Going the Mobile way is not an option, it is an imperative now. Google states that now more than sixty percent searches are originating from smartphones. The user behavior has changed, and so companies that do not have a mobile experience Google is penalizing them as per latest algorithms. Today candidates search jobs, research about the company, read about latest news, pre-decide on applying to companies, all via their mobiles. If you are not delivering a mobile experience, you have already missed the bus.

12. Identify platforms that could simply your recruiting process by providing access through mobile phones and also provide an end-to-end automated experience for the job seeker. An initial and a well-thought investment will take you a long way in finding the most techno-friendly candidates.

Growth Hacking should be the start of your journey. However, it graduates into engaging more interested candidates in the company and even building a community. It could further be helpful in creating a viral campaign for hiring the best fits in your organization. In the entire process, you would end up finding the best possible methods to adopt, leave some and even invent some within your actual prevue of work. Eventually, you would optimize your efforts for the output needed.

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