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Workforce demographics is rapidly changing with the rise of the millennials. According to reports, millennials will comprise nearly 47% of the global workforce by 2020 which is expected to increase manifold by 2025.

Several studies have been conducted regarding millennials at work and on advantages of hiring them. Studies reveal that Millennials are highly ambitious, tech savvy and have differing priorities in life rather than their previous generations. On the professional front, most of them lay emphasis on jobs with career progression and personal growth. While it is no surprise that these millennials are plugged in through social media, studies opine that hiring a millennial at work, who is active on social media, helps Increase Company’s digital reach.

Needless to say, with technology and digitization foraying in, organizations need to focus on tech talent. And if organizations are genuinely inclined towards hiring tech talent, they must concentrate on engaging Millennials.

Some of the reasons why employers should consider hiring millennials are explained below:

#1. Millennials are early adopters of technology

Millennials and technology go hand in hand. They are the first generation that has literally grown up with technology – right from computers to the Internet. Handling electronic gadgets form a major part of their lifestyle. Apparently, millennials are highly Internet-savvy and technology proficient. This makes them more competent and easier to train. It also implies that millennials are genuinely good at multitasking.

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#2. Millennials are intrinsically motivated

One of the biggest benefits of hiring millennials is, this generation is intrinsically motivated and have a strong desire to learn. They do not look at the job just as a necessity or just a means of survival. They look towards personal development and consciously choose jobs to which they can connect with and align their personal values. While on the job, they want to learn and grow – both professionally and personally. It goes without saying that millennials are ambitious and want to succeed in every field.

#3. They are self-driven and believe in collaboration

Time and again, studies conducted on millennials and their work style, have proved them to be highly self-driven and their unshakable belief in collaboration. Millennials look for careers where they find challenging responsibilities. Since career progression is a major factor for them, they choose to work with passion and not just to fill their bank accounts every month. And organizations do benefit from employees who work passionately and put in their hundred percent at work. Millennials at work are more than willing to exert in teams to accomplish their goals.

A survey conducted by Ivey Business Journal indicated that millennials are 33% more likely to work in collaboration as compared to their previous generations.

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#4. Millennials bring in fresh perspectives

Yes. Millennials have a high capability to think out of the box, and they are full of new ideas. Therefore, onboarding millennials offer you the benefits of coming up with fresh perspectives. Millennials are not scared of speaking their minds, and they are even courageous enough to challenge the status quo of an organization. All these can act as a valuable impetus to try new things, whether big or small.

From a different perspective, millennials are truly diverse in nature. They are less likely to be affiliated with any religion or any political beliefs (though exceptions are there). While this can earn them the reputation of being selfish, one has to accept that millennials have always lived in a constant bombardment of information. This has enlightened them prematurely and perhaps making them better employees.

Therefore, as an employer, look beyond the tattoos and unlikely hairdos. Focus on the qualities and revamp your recruitment strategy and begin hiring millennials for good.

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