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What comes to your mind when you hear the word sales? Well, if you are honest enough majority of you will admit that thinking of sales, you tend to think of that annoying car salesperson or the one selling insurance policies or the sales person on the doorstep selling pickles! These are not the only given things, there are many facets to it.

Despite the common stereotypes, sales profession is a long­standing career worthy of serious considerations. Here in this article we bring forth to you some interesting reasons that make sales job an awesome profession.

You love competition, sales will make you even love more!

How many of you cried in school for not being able to top in the class just because you missed it by few marks? Well, if you are seeking the thrill of victory, then probably, sales job is an ideal career domain for yourself. The most interesting thing about sales job is that apart from competing with others, you can always compete against your previous best. Achieving your targets, even better, exceeding your targets is perhaps the greatest experience in this profession.


You get to meet distinct personalities on the daily basis!

Sales jobs involve meeting a lot of people from different walks of life. If you are a people’s person and love exploring new places and meeting new people, sales jobs will give you ample opportunities to fulfill all your wish list. It is a career filled with excitement and adventure. Everyday you get to learn from the people you meet and the experience which you gain is simply invaluable.

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Excellent career prospects

Sales is one such profession which is found in every industry. Majority of the business enterprises are largely dependent on the revenue generated by the sales. For a developing country like, India, where all kinds of industries (FMCG, manufacturing, banks, IT, consumer goods, etc.) are doing an excellent business, there are scores of vacancies for one and all. This profession is all inclusive of creating ample sales opportunities for both experienced and fresher. Presently, sales hiring has moved a level up and expectations are high that in the coming years, it would further rise.


Arms you with the multitude of skills!

Many business schools require 2­-3 years of experience for getting admission. Having sales experience will definitely give you a leg up as you seek admission in various educational institutions. There are people who take up sales jobs just to gain the experience that selling provides. Further, being able to sell is a skill that you will surely be proud for the whole of your life. With sales job, you get to learn a lot. Right from negotiation skills to time management skills and leadership skills to inculcating discipline within yourself, all that is needed to be successful in life.

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Want to take an entrepreneurial route? Sales jobs are the perfect start!

Every fantastic sales person sees themselves as the boss and owner of their own business. For anyone who aspires to be a great entrepreneur, sales profession is the perfect way to get started. In sales, you get to learn professional phone skills and presentation skills, learn how to build customer base, you get mentoring from industry veterans, as you climb the success ladder you build your own organization (train and develop your own sales force) and much more.


Sales jobs, high earning potential!

Taking into an account that sales person are amongst the main source of money for companies, you get to reap pretty good financial rewards. In sales profession, you will come across plush offers  at includes high base salaries, added benefits and generous commission schemes. Unlike other jobs, the harder you work, the more you earn!

To sum up, sales are the bonus structured jobs, the more you refine your selling skills, more you reap the benefits of the jobs. Planning a career in sales will help you to build a healthy professional life, full of fun and thrills!

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