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Who says that the best of work is done at the year-end only? Like every year, we have always brewed up our energies in conveying the best in what ‘WE ARE BEST’, i.e.; ‘CONTENT’. While, we have a decent number of appreciation on the researches we brought forth in the previous year, we did truly well in the first three months of the New Year as well. Let’s take a swift walk through what others were excited about in the months of January, February & March 2016.

 Blogs of JFM
We Did It in “JFM”

January 2016

There is a gigantic demand in the market for talent. This reason was enough for us to bring our audience some of the most absolute content pieces around recruitment tools, career sites, applicant tracking systems, which drove us over 2400 visits as a consolidate figure. Check Career Site – A Revolutionized HR Tool for Candidate Attraction and you will find how well we did on social media platforms, that led us to an amazing response. Some of the blogs, which hit pretty good numbers in terms of visitors & referrals include 10 Things you ‘Must’ put on your CV & What Kind Of A Boss Are You? The overall collection of January blogs targeted on the latest tools recruiters can devise in 2016 for screening, interviewing and hiring candidates, alongside blogs focusing on how job-seekers can turn out to be the next employees in their dream companies perfectly made the first month, the foremost accomplishment for CareerBuilder.

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February 2016

When the country was breathing the new Startup Action Plan, we did not miss the opportunity to bring the advantages to the corporate sector. It amazed us with reader’s comments and visits. It was decided then to bombard the month with the most extraordinary information for our recruiters and candidates, which they love to read and implement. With blogs including Discover The Top 10 Types Of Colleagues Around , hitting an iconic number like 4900 viewers, it certainly turned out to be one of our biggest success stories in the early 2016. Readers have loved some of our content pieces like What Distinguishes The Best Employer from The Rest?, 5 Mystical Traits of Lord Shiva Can Make You a Successful Entrepreneur & Understanding Chanakya Strategies for Human Resource; which have not just proven how creative CareerBuilder’s content team could be, but also imaginative with the industry it is into- ‘RECRUITMENT’.

MARCH 2016

Releasing valuable content for our target readers is the definite aim of CareerBuilder. Whether it was the release of Income Tax benefits for employees or Women’s Day, or trendiest ways of hiring such as Facebook Recruiting, we continuously kept launching blog pieces including 7 Tax Saving Ideas HR Won’t Tell You, Budget 2016: What is in Store for the Salaried Employees?,  Recruitment via Facebook – Must-do Tips for 2016. What more? Our LinkedIn page CareerBuilder-India, has been one of our evidences of success, which we proudly share with all of you.

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