Amazing 5 Employee Engagement Ideas

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Every organization’s focus is to bring success and profitability, but it is people or employees who are the driving force behind an organization’s success. Regardless of the size of the business or its nature of operations – CEOs, managers and senior management of every organization must be creative and proactive in framing employee engagement ideas.

Amazing 5 Employee Engagement Ideas
Amazing 5 Employee Engagement Ideas

As business begins to grow, the “higher ups” and middle management can get all the assistance to ensure their staffs is on the right track. After all, we all want the success of our teams and often businesses thrive for fresh ideas to rejuvenate employees and enhance their productivity.

What is exactly Employee Engagement? 

The concept of employee engagement is developed around positive psychology, HR experience and business models. It is an approach undertaken by workplaces to ensure that employees are engaged, contented and motivated towards work. Their motivation ultimately leads to greater productivity and overall organizational’s success.

Let’s uncover the 5 amazing employee engagement ideas:

Motivate your employees to speak up

CHALLENGE- Today the busy workweek schedule made almost impossible for all of us to speak our minds freely. However, in employees’ mind this idea runs a bit differently as they have time to share their ideas and feelings but uncomfortable in doing so.

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SOLUTION – If you want your employees to share their thoughts then encourage them to do so. Ask them to follow the rule of “Be Candour”. Start with an open-door policy that most HR leaders do so to make their employees comfortable in talking their problems out, share ideas, and feelings.

  1. Assign Company Values

CHALLENGE- In most of the organizations particularly in SMEs, employees do not associate themselves with organizational values. This is one of the reasons, they lack motivation and somehow this affects their productivity.

SOLUTION – Every month assign one of your company’s value to one employee (based on peer voting just to keep the transparency). The person who best represents that value can be publicly acknowledged for his or her actions.

  1. Team Synergy

CHALLENGE – It is essential that every organization has positive team synergy for overall growth and development of the organization. Though, building team synergy is not a rapid process and an easy objective to attain.

SOLUTION – Ask the teams to create their set of values. Things will become fun when you play them with your rules. When teams create 2-3 common goals and values, rules help them to speed up the process and to nurture.

  1. Serve as a Mentor
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CHALLENGE – In every organization, a time comes when the employee needs a mentor instead of a manager. When employees start experiencing issues in various engagement, then you need to step-in to put things in a right path.

Typically, it is been observed that managers rely on canned approach. And do not take a personal approach that is sometimes necessary to raise engagement levels.

SOLUTION – Regardless, how busy you are, if an employee is experiencing a problem then drop everything and offer your help.

As a manager, going an extra mile to offer help to the employee who is struggling with their job will build strong team spirit.

  1. Reward employee for job well done

CHALLENGE – Who does not like to be rewarded? From quite some time now, organizations started following the “regular reward” practice to keep their employees motivated and engaged.

It is true, the reward is one impactful motivation strategy. However, you can make this tool more effective if you use it at the right time.

SOLUTION – Reward your employees for a JOB WELL DONE ONLY. Pay close attention to the progress of employees and keep complete transparency among employees on why you are giving a reward to that specific employee only.

This practice will apparently increase the value of “giving rewards” among employees and keep them engaged yet motivated.

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These are a handful employee engagement activities that every organization must start with, and now it is your turn.

What Ideas do you have to keep your employees motivated and engaged? Don’t forget to share with us!

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