Career Builder India brings to you strategies to prepare for interviews, spoken by top HR managers in the industry-

1. Prepare your answers
You can’t know everything an employer is going to ask you, but you should expect to be asked some basic questions. You don’t want to be caught saying “Uhh…” when asked an obvious question such as “Tell me about yourself” or “Why do you want to work here?” Questions like these are bound to be asked in any interview, and a brilliant answer should be prepared well-in advance to earn points where you have full control over the reply.

2. Record yourself
Although it might sound silly, watching yourself give a mock interview can reveal a lot of the body language mistakes you’re making. Use the camera on your phone or laptop to record yourself answering mock interview questions. You might be surprised to find out that you slouch, look at the table instead of the person across from you, or fidget with your pen. Sometimes, you might give the wrong signals without intending them and they should be corrected before you sit for an interview.

3. Bring notes

Unless told otherwise, you can take notes with you into the interview, so jot down some questions you know you want to ask. Plus, you can take additional notes throughout the interview to show you’re interested and also to ask follow-up questions. This makes you appear well-prepared and confident in front of the interviewers.

4. Put your phone away
Do not answer your phone or text someone during an interview. Ever. Make sure you’ve turned the phone off, so it can’t unexpectedly ring or vibrate mid-interview. Moreover, you wouldn’t like to be disturbed in something as important as a job interview.
More times than not, going unprepared for interviews can spell doom for you in the first 5 minutes. A plan is always necessary for successful execution of anything!

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