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Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually know what recruiter exactly wants to know about you and how he wants you to answer his questions? Giving interviews would have become much easier, if we could beforehand know what exactly would happen during it and prepare accordingly.

Besides interview, resume too is an important part that speaks for you to help recruiter know about you. We will share an interview guide for you, but first we want you to work on the first step for interview, i.e. ‘Resume’.

resume guide

Consider this quick resume making guide, and learn how to clear the first step towards your next interview:

  • Know the basics:

First thing first. If you have believed in the fact that resume, bio data and CV are same, then first clear your doubts and identify the difference among resume, bio data and CV. Once you know the difference, you can clearly identify the details you need to put on the sheet of paper that would help mark your first impression on the interviewer.

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  • Know what is expected from you:

Working on any project becomes easier if we know what are we expected to do. Isn’t it? Similarly, if you could know what does interviewer expects from you and your resume, you can accordingly prepare for it and make a difference.

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  • Creativity can give a smooth sail to your boat:

Employers are in hunt of creative workforce, so what’s a better way to show them your creative steak than your resume? But before you implement creative ideas in your resume, you ought to know the rules, because if you go overboard, you can ruin the whole idea.

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  • Getting it right:

Internet is flooded with lots of resume tips that you can take hints from. For your help, here are few best of the reference links from where you can get a solution for your every resume making doubts.

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  • Do not forget the online channels :

While hunting for a job, we must never forget the online channels, because recruiters look out for references at hiring portals online. You have to create a resume to pass through the ATS as well, so that you can skim through their online search. Don’t get confused, just go through what we are suggesting you to read.

  • ‘No one can have just one’ applies to your resume too:
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If you are happy that you could make one good resume that serves your purpose precisely, then wait a sec. There is more to do that can take your happiness away for sometimes, at least until the time you do not come up with another option. Still did not get what I mean? Read the suggested blog.

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