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A good employee remains good regardless of what position s/he’s taking- permanent or temporary. That being said, there are certain traits, which are quite noticeable in temporary employees. The capacity to acclimate is something that makes temporary hires more trustworthy. Presently, permanent job positions are in a downturn; temporary staffing is on the ascent. According to employers’ survey, over 42 percent of companies want to retain their temporary employees. Therefore, asking the right questions in an interview can help employers find temporary candidates who can thrive.

CareerBuilder presents the top 7 interview questions staffing recruiters must ask temporary candidates:

Question 1: “Why are you keen to work for a temporary position?”

This question prompts many answers. For instance, this may disclose whether the candidate likes to move around, is he or she sampling diverse industries, is it their first job which they are in sheer need of, or they do not mind working for a temporary position at all. Asking this question can be useful for making valuable hires for temporary staffing.

Question 2: “What are your hopes of learning with this position?”

How willing your candidate is to learn from a new opportunity determines how far he can go to combat any challenges that would come across his working journey. This question helps employers to know what is exactly in the candidate’s mind when it comes to the reason for taking up this temporary opportunity.

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Question 3: “Would you wish to switch to a full-time position?”

Every employee hopes for a secured job. However, increasing employees presently are contended with temporary opportunities as a way to keep their work and personal life balanced. This question is important and allows employers to understand the needs and career goals of the candidate.

Question 4: “Do you wish to work in a team or individually?”

Fitting in the company culture is equally essential as having the right skills for the job. Asking this question would help employers check whether the temporary candidate is an introvert or a socially-active personality. His willingness to work with a team would demonstrate a cooperative attitude, which is a must in every employee. On the contrary, his inclination towards working individually would indicate he or she likes to work freely without any command from bosses or attachment with colleagues.

Question 5: “What agitates you at work?”

Temporary hiring is often conducted in times of important projects or a peak period in an organization. In such a scenario, only ideal temporary hires maintain their poise and can handle any amount of mess, while getting the project/task accomplished in the best possible way. This question is just the right way to assess the sincerity of a temporary candidate.

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Question 6: “How do you define your communication style?”

Temporary employees usually have less time to pick up the style of communication between their team. In such a scenario, experienced temporary hires display their willingness to adapt the communication style of the team at a rapid pace. Honing this communication skills in advance is an added benefit that comes with temporary candidates and asking this question can thus be useful.

Question 7: “Which was the moment in your work life when you had to adapt a new situation in the least time?”

Since adaptability is one of essential characteristics of temporary hires; this makes them even more valuable to any company they work for. Asking this question is a must for employers who have changing trends, projects, and have a huge scope of learning for employees. Only employees who welcome change are open to adapt to any new project, task, responsibility or culture rapidly and efficiently.

Staffing process is not in the slightest degree simple as it requires an added responsibility of hiring temporary candidates who can fit into any association. This reason would suffice for temporary staffing interviewers to edge questions, which could uncover the best of talent for employers paying particular mind to A-players.

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