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Many job-seeking candidates consider the job interview procedure as a blend of several mind games. This is because of some tricky questions which leave them clueless or sometimes totally perplexed. However, the top talent acquisition leaders’ advice candidates to consider that those same questions which might seem complicated are simple to answer. The challenge of a job-seeker at that juncture is to prepare well for those repetitive, simple questions which can become the sole key to unlock the job.

We have enrolled the top 5 questions asked over and over again by a majority of talent acquisition specialists along with the accurate way to comprehend and answer them in the interview;

Question 1: “Tell us about yourself?”

This question seems like the talent acquisition specialist has asked the candidate to explain everything about himself in detail. Well, here most individuals tend to describe their life journey, their family background and personal interests in depth.


In this question, the recruiter only wants the candidate to answer within two or three sentences about why he or she could be the best candidate for the job. So, when this question pops up, candidates are advised to demonstrate how they are the best fit for the role. This way they will be able to deliver a direct and logically portrayed answer. Something like, “With my team leading skills, I was able to run 20 projects and even helped enhance sales by 15%”.

Question 2: Where do you see yourself in next couple of years?

With this question, what the talent acquisition specialist wants to know is how the applicant envisions his career and what strategies he has or would be implemented to reach the desired goals.

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Candidates, when encountered with this question, must gauge their answer around the position they have applied for. For instance, if one has applied for a sales executive position. His reply could be, “I see myself as the manager of the sales team in the next two years.”

Question 3: What is your greatest weakness?

Most candidates when encountered with this question often begin explaining the list of their dark sides, considering they might get a benefit out of it. Fallacy! What the recruiter wants to understand from the candidates here is how they are prepared for the work challenges and what approach do they prefer to use to overcome a problem or tough situation.


This famous question is simple to answer. Candidates are advised to focus on their strengths instead of weaknesses and frame their answers to showcase how their strengths would work wonders for the company. For instance, “I would like to enhance my communication skills to conduct the best presentations. I recently enrolled in an online communication course and found it very helpful.”

Question 4: “What is your greatest strength?”

This question asked by a talent acquisition specialist focuses on knowing how good the candidate is or could be in the long run. This gives candidates an opportunity to shine with the perfect answers they can give.

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Avoid showing; you are a perfectionist. However, candidates are advised to emphasize on their positive traits such as being loyal to the role, curiosity to learn, interest in bringing innovation, good team player, confidence to handle tough situations, conflict managing and similar. Whatever position has been applied for, it is wise that candidates frame their answer around it.

Question 5: “What is the reason for leaving your previous job?”

The biggest mistake most candidates make with this question is speak negatively about their past employers. Well, the truth could be equally dark, and the negative work environment might have affected him or her negatively; however, when starting something fresh, especially like answering an interview question, the negative speech can only turn out to be a loss for the candidate.


Candidates are advised to be careful and mindful of the words they use for their previous employers and organizations. A better answer to this question could be, “I was looking for better opportunities to grow.” The potential employer would judge your capacity to overcome harsh environment and the positive attitude you carry during the job search.

These questions might have been troubling many candidates up till now. However, with the above explanation of what the talent acquisition specialists expect from candidates to answer, we hope the upcoming interview processes become smoother to conduct and easy to crack.

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