You might be able to pay the bills and fill your monthly needs and wants out of your current job and what you want, but have you wondered if that job provides for your long term goals? It’s time you find a job that looks into the higher and long term goals then just goals which fulfill the basic needs. Finding that job may mean, back-tracking a little, getting sideways and moving up too often, but in the end it is definitely worth it. It is always better to find an option which aligns with your overall growth and bigger goals.

Take an Elegant Exit
Your boss has her iron fist in everything you do, he almost micromanages your work and you feel a lack of freedom in the job you presently do. Make sure you end it all cordially. A respectful farewell is something that accounts as being professional, even if your boss was tyrannical. This is because you would not like to have any hard feelings, as it may affect your future job. The future boss is sure to check up on you and if he has a negative report, you would not be in for some nice treatment at your future office. Or more still you may not even get the job.

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Mentor Search
A job that you are proud of will always have a great mentor guiding you along the way and making office life easy. In times of difficulty, she is there to give good advice and share your grief. The experienced hands would lead you to achieve higher heights in your careers. Most jobs in India which are worth being proud of have people you always have your back.

Follow the Heart
It has been said endless times that if you don’t love what you do, then you may not do it all. And if you don’t like your work, how will you ever be proud of it. Your work should give you internal fulfillment along with external assurances. There has to be certain satisfaction after you complete each project and happiness at the success of a great one.

Be Memorable
Are you a memorable employee? Are you the one people will remember when you have long left the job? Are you the one whose example will be cited to young employees by the boss? Ask yourself these questions and remember there is difference between a hardworking employee and a memorable employee. This has got to do with finding your charm and putting it in your work. Find out, if you are the laughter queen or a quirky doodler of the idea machine. Find that edge in your personality, which shall in the end give you that one place in the company and make your coworkers admire you when you are working and remember you when you have left.

Having said that, be proud of yourself and you shall be proud of what you do.

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