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While we all discuss the very inevitability of change, it is probably one of the toughest things an individual has to comply with. We are so well attuned to our surroundings and the people whom we hang out with, we tend to forget that there’s a whole new world awaiting us to unfold itself and appeal to our senses.

However, travelling to unexplored destinations, at least once in a year, can turn out to be fruitful. Yes; travelling, especially solo not only opens up the world before you but it also comes with some advantages.

Researchers across the globe have revealed that travelling and work performance go hand in hand. Travelling, whether for a short-term or a longer period offer incredibly invaluable experiences you can apply back to the job to become an even more treasured employee.

These days’ in India, solo travel has caught up in a massive scale, especially among young women. More and more individuals, (even women) are choosing to travel solo.

Travelling solo has its benefits. There are different professional skills that you develop (or enhance, if already existing) while travelling solo. Let’s take a look at them.

Travelling solo

#1. You hone your decision-making skills

The moment you decide to take a break from work and embark on a solo trip to some new place, you step out from your comfort zone. This very action helps in developing your decision-making skills. When you are going to a distant place, away from your comfort zone, your natural instincts began working automatically, and you learn to make decisions on your own automatically and of course more independently that ever before. Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh have confirmed with studies that people improve their decision-making accuracy when the time factor is minimised.

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Even while on the job, you might face situations such as a stranger (maybe another traveller) who offers to travel with you. How will decide what you should do? You have to think on your feet in such cases and make a decision. Such incidents help you brush your decision-making skills and apply them in your workplace.

#2. You develop/enhance excellent research skills

While travelling solo, especially to another country, you need to indulge in a lot of research work. You need to know about all the pros and the cons, safety precautions and other aspects before making a final decision. Even if you are going with a tour company, it does involve research about the company, its reputation, and the concerned expenses. The more you get involved in researching about all these, the more sharpened your research skills become. Therefore, travelling solo develops your researching skills which help in your professional career throughout your life.

#3. You develop planning/organisational skills

Organisational skills are pretty much essential for you to succeed in job or career. Wondering how it is related to solo travelling? Well, while the travelling and exploring part can be exciting and easy, what ‘s hard is the planning part, especially if you are travelling alone. Right from finalising the destination to booking tickets, to confirming accommodation and planning the itinerary – everything requires being planned a little ahead of time. This requires excellent organisational and planning skills. Once you have excelled in these, the chances are that your organisational and planning skills will be reflected in your work.

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#4. You develop/hone your problem-solving skills

Travelling solo (that too for the first time) can throw all sorts of curve-balls in your way. You will need to think on your feet, adapt quickly to unexpected situations and go ahead embracing all kinds of circumstances. Caught in a foreign land amidst a dire situation, losing your way in a remote village in Rajasthan or convincing the immigration that there are some issues with your passport – these problems will require you to be anything but complacent. Navigating problems in a different place altogether provides practical experience and problem-solving skills that you can transfer back to the workplace to become an invaluable member of the team.

#5. You develop people skills and communication skills

When you are travelling with your friends or family, you may not mingle with the local crowd much. But when travelling alone, you have little choice but to interact with locals and strangers. Talking to new people, getting to know them and their culture—such experiences enhance people and communication skills. While travelling, you tend to be a little cautious and observe people more carefully. These experiences help you improve your people skills and polish your communication skills further that ultimately gets reflected in your professional life.

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#6. You become more adaptable

Just possessing an authoritative personality or even leadership qualities will not make you a successful leader. It is important you become a peoples’ leader. For that, you need to become more adaptable at your workplace and surroundings. And travelling, especially solo to a different country makes you more adaptable to your surroundings. This trait is bound to make you more successful at the workplace.

#7. You gain more confidence

Understand that travelling solo is more about the confidence than any other thing. Needless to say that travelling unchaperoned has its challenges and facing these challenges make you more confident. Even if you are trapped in a situation which appears scary at the beginning, soon you will be able to handle it, and this will add to your confidence levels. You build trust in independently doing things; you build courage in facing challenges alone and be adaptive and flexible, which further help in dealing with strangers. This confidence goes a long way in boosting your professional career.

The skills mentioned above are fundamentally critical for anyone’s professional life, and the correct implementation of the same helps to enhance your professional career to a great extent.

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