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Recruitment and selection are two different aspects of hiring. Recruitment is basically about attracting candidates for job/s in an organization. On the other hand, selection is a process of hiring right person at a right time for the similar position. Selection follows recruitment which collectively results into gathering right workforce to perform desired tasks. In fact, there is one more aspect involved before recruitment and selection i.e. pre-recruitment.

What is Pre-recruitment

Basically pre-recruitment process happens in bigger organizations where requirement of any employee for a specific position goes through a hierarchy where manager approves the requirement of an employee and then recruitment and selection processes continue.

Large organizations situated at multiple locations globally have frequent needs of employees. It is not possible for HR managers to run to different locations at a time (in cases where hiring is processed through a common location or headquarter) to perform hiring tasks. Pre-recruitment HR tools helps managing all the activities related to pre-recruitment and recruitment activities. Such tools make these two hiring activities easy, fast and trackable.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Pre-recruitment & Selection Process

ATS is a crucial HR tool for performing hiring activities in a more refined way. It is also known as a candidate management system. It is a software application which helps enterprises recruit employees more effectively. ATS facilitates easy management of recruitment needs, approval of needs by the managers, screening resumes, and generating interview requests to potential candidates by e-mail. Moreover, it comprises of features such as:

  • Individual applicant tracking
  • Pre-screening questions
  • Automated resume ranking
  • Application tracking
  • Tailored input forms
  • Reply tracking
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Career Site for Recruitment Process

Hiring most suitable workforce for any organization in a limited timeline is a challenging task. It becomes more complicated in big organizations which have global presence. Organizations with global presence cannot be completely dependent on job boards. Depending completely on job boards is not a good deal as it would not help in building a brand identity.

Multinational companies have always a need of an automated solution to reduce the load of creating awareness about their job openings, involve candidates, connect with them and form a solid resume database. Staffing has become easier than ever with the coming of ‘Job Site’.

Basically, Job Site is an individual job website which facilitates an organization post different jobs, receive applications (resumes), build a talent pipeline, send notifications and keep the interested candidates engaged, etc.

Development of a career site as per customized requirements is a time-consuming and exhausting procedure. It saves wasting internal resources on the planning and development of a job site. Already developed tools/applications (career website) are available which are facilitating companies in India.

These tools or applications are proving to be a cost-effective and robust automated platform for numerous staffing activities. Basically, they are called as SaaS HR tools advancing HR community that ultimately benefiting the organization with required and best workforce.

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