Leave a Positive Impact on your Rejected Candidates

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Recruiters are often amidst situations where shortlisted candidates are pleased with an offer letter and many more of them are miffed with rejection. ‘Rejection’ is not just tough for job-seekers who try hard to make it to the interview but also the recruiting managers for whom the challenge to bring the right talent by taking a decision of rejection on ‘a few’; runner up candidates.

However, it is also observed that rejection of candidates is not the only factor evoking negativity in the mind of the candidates, but the interview process itself. We must have heard stories of candidates telling about frequent phone calls of hiring manager at inappropriate times, last minute cancellation of first interview, inappropriate questions, and lethargic attitude of the interviewer, long hours of waiting, negative e-mails as response to tests and so on. All these experiences contribute to a negative perception about the company which ultimately instigates the candidates to talk about it across their social circles or may be write online.

Realize that candidates are just like your customers. If they did not like the service offered, they will tend to spread the negative impact caused to them wherever they possibly can, which would directly or indirectly affect the employer brand.

Just like it is as important to keep the existing and retiring employees happy to maintain the employer brand, it is equally significant to leave a positive impression on the rejected candidates, so as to generate a sense of authenticity in your brand. For instance, Apple has a special training process that is designed for its retail employees to enhance communication skills to reach out to a global customer base that talks good about it.

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Leave a Positive Impact on your Rejected Candidates
How to write rejection email to candidates?

We have enrolled out the best ways that recruiters can grab this year to make successful hiring while creating their brand identity by leaving a positive impression on the rejected candidates:

  • Organize the Interview Process

Avoid all the last minute phone calls, interview schedule changes, and anything that contributes to the perception that the company is chaotic. A disorganized way of interviewing would add to no benefit of your company nor the candidate. The remedy to smoothen things is to outline it digitally. Define the right set questions, with no over-lapping of time and keep all the interviewers ready to make it a least delayed interview. An organized interview process also calls for timely tests conducted without any confusion of their profiles. For instance, an engineering candidate may be required to give an aptitude test, where as a sales candidate may be required to prepare a sales pitch, a brand manager to create a presentation, while given a fixed time frame.

  • Be Truthful, but Positive in Rejection Mails

What a recruiter communicates while rejecting a candidate has a strong impact on him or her. Rejected candidates who have traveled to the company for interview have also invested their time and cost. This is why, it becomes vital to acknowledge their effort by sending truthful yet positive emails if they have not been able to make it through the interview.

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Take help from these rejection emails:

  • “Thanks for coming to the interview, we will surely call you up for any future requirements”
  • “We acknowledge your attempt in filling this vacancy, we are limited to only ‘the best’.
  • “Thanks for taking out time for us, we will get back to you with a better role for your this time.”
  • “Thanks and stay in touch with us to know more about our future vacancies.”

 Have your heard of the phrase, “It is a small world.”? Remember whom you might be interviewing today, could turn into your next interviewer or industry manager tomorrow. Tactful communication at this juncture, can go a long way in helping you reject candidates without having them to take the negative footprints of the organization. The ever changing landscape of the recruitment industry can facilitate you with plenty of resources to hire. The tool to reject on the contrary, is only one, ‘positive communication’ which you must practice and hone it to ensure a successful future of your career, as well as, the brand you work with.

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