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With the workplace being invaded by a flurry of new technologies and new inventions, the overall global economy is also undergoing multiple changes in keeping with present times. Consequently, private employers are making no concession about turning the heat onto their employees, declaring them redundant, or “unnecessary” in layman’s language, which in turn result into issuing a pink slip at work.

Sometimes its businesses not making profits and the company running into massive losses. For instance, Microsoft Windows phone not performing well, which laid to cutting down on jobs. Sometimes companies shutting down a particular vertical (for example, Ola closing down TaxiforSure put to nearly 800 job cuts).

Also, firms just unable to yield profits  or restructuring within the organization, resulting in laying off a several employees, as in the case of IBM—often leads to organizations handing over Pink Slips to several employees.

Handing over Pink Slips or laying off employees happens everywhere and with almost with all companies across the globe. As a matter of fact, there is no reason as to why it cannot happen with you or I. Although there is very little one can do about such a situation, nonetheless, a little bit of preparation accompanied by a controlled reaction can help deal with the situation in a much better way.

Getting pink slip at work – How to cope with the situation?


Here’s what you can, rather must do when shown the door by the employers:

1. It is seldom personal; stop taking it that way

The first time you are made redundant at work, it’s but natural to take it personally. Most rational souls out there would be venting the statement “Why me”? However, while it is okay to think like that, it does not really matter in the long run. It’s better to think that you lost your job because of company issues and obviously not due to your performance or any such things. But, what you can do is, mourn your loss for a while and then get back with an absolute bang.

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2. Develop and endear a positive attitude

During times as downsizing or company restructuring, it is very important to have a positive attitude. If you are able to endear a positive attitude, you will be able to find a way out from it. Harboring a positive attitude will help you turn the negative situation into a positive one and you will start networking with your connections again and reestablish relations with them. This will help you find new job opportunities.

3. Move into damage control mode as soon as you can

The news has been truly shocking for you and for a few days your life will seem as if to turn upside down. There will be a lot of grieving, emotion turmoil, anger, hatred and probably blaming destiny. But that’s about it.

As mentioned earlier, anyone can be a victim of a layoff, so, make yourself understand that you are not the only one. There are others also who have been through this phase at one time or the other, while serving in the private sector.

Gather yourself and set up a plan, whether it is about doing things you like (it could be reading or travelling) or simply honing your hobbies. Keep networking as much possible. You never know when the next big opportunity knocks at your door.

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4. Meet new people and do things that make you happy

Another good way to deal with a situation like lay off is to make the most of the time. Instead of grieving or expressing anger, accept what has happened and move on. Utilize this time to spend time with yourself and meet new people. Try and do things that make you happy. For example, if you have been thinking of reading any particular novel now would be a splendid time or on the other hand, if you have been embarking on a trip to your favorite place, now is the best time as you do not have to ask for leaves from your manager. Just pack your bags, leave and unwind yourself, in the best possible way. Such moves will boost your mood and help you forget the bitterness of being laid off a little more quickly.

5. It’s time to hone your resume

However, unceremonious your exit might have been from the job, but there must have been individual skills that you have learnt while at it. Understand, it is the basis on which you will be applying for your next job. So, it is better to accept reality and start revamping your resume as soon as you can.

If the reason for redundancy was a dying industry, you might just have to consider switching industries all over again. This would require restructuring your resume considerably or may be a complete makeover. Make sure you do remember to do that. You can also choose to take professional help in rebuilding your new resume.

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6. Learn to get flexible

Receiving a Pink Slip is an uncalled for the situation, and it can put to the test, your physical, mental and financial endurance. An unfavorable job market can make things even tougher for you. Therefore, it is better that you remain open to salary negotiations while looking out for your next job. You might not get the best combination of a well-known company, best pay package, excellent work environment or a great job location. You have to settle somewhere or the other. You go to learn to priorities. It’s not like you have to take the first job that comes your way, but remain open to every kind of option like this one time, it’s you who are on the receiving end.

7. Take care of yourself

Being laid off all of sudden does take a toll on your mental and physical being. It is very necessary during these times to take care of your health – both mental and physical. Indulge in some physical exercise. Hit the gym, go for cycling or swimming, play tennis and maintain a proper balanced diet. Such a routine will help you rejuvenate yourself.

While redundancy does leave behind a bad taste, negativity is the last thing you should carry in your baggage. Never express anything negative about your previous employer while appearing for an interview and always understand that there is nothing wrong with being made redundant. While it is a bad side of business, it is also a part of it, and we all got to deal with it.

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