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Personality or Experience!From where does this comparison even came from? It is so obvious that these two qualities go hand in hand when it comes to hiring a candidate. So, what is it all about?


It’s true that recruiter’s job isn’t easy, and one has to consider a lot of aspects to know if the candidate is the right fit for the company or not. And one of the most common concerns of recruiters today is when a candidate is either a resource rich in experience or in personality. What is to be done under certain situations?Let’s have a look at some of the elements that would help take better decisions:

What used to happen in Traditional Recruitment Strategy:

Yes, we are assuming that traditional recruitment strategy is now a past. And the reasons are already discussed in numerous other posts on recruiter’s tips.

Broadly, traditional recruitment strategy doesn’t take attractive assets much into account. Attitude & personality are often laid back and are not been talked about until the final interview stages. This clearly means that the importance of experience, designation, job roles during interviews is quite high.

However, these qualities that define personality are important to look at as these can affect person’s work behavior and performance along with hampering existing company culture; and affecting all these means affecting the overall performance.Well, if you are still not convinced or are still in a dilemma about doing justice in such situation, then here are few more reasons:

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Why personality & not experience?

A study says, “89% of hiring failures are due to poor cultural fit.”

True. It’s not about the right resume, but about the right values that drive towards becoming the perfect fit for the company & position. Always remember that experience can be gained, skills can become outdated. Personality can neither be learnt nor get outdated. Personality drives attitude, thoughts, feelings, and adaptability, which is a must have trait in any employee.

Why give priority to culture?

The right team sharing tuning and same values & beliefs that is build upon healthy relationships can easily achieve set business goals. Need not to say, this creates a healthy work environment, which as a result would contribute in employee engagement, satisfaction and performance.

So, your one new addition to the team, who isn’t in sync with them and carry a different attitude, would probably affect the overall team performance. Do you really wish to get into such trouble?

Does modern recruiting strategy neglects experience?

I had already mentioned that personality & experience both go hand in hand. So, it is not about neglecting one and giving all the importance to the other. Yes, personality is important but skills & experience too cannot be neglected. So, when you are conducting a job interview, make sure you give equal importance to both the parameters.

Note to remember: Never overlook a talented candidate just on the basis of degree, job title or a resume.

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