As news channels all over the world flash the latest in the life of Kim Kardashian – be it about her baby bump or about her baby shower or even the latest dress that she was seen stepping out in, do you ever wonder when exactly did she get so popular, and how.

Sure, she is one socialite who manages to gorge up on all the attention and is a TV personality, but is that it? Is that all what it takes to be flashing on news channels day in and day out? Kim herself would agree that it is not just about who you are; it is about how people perceive you. Let’s learn four lessons of Personal Branding with Kim Kardashian, culled out by CareerBuilder India.

  1. Express Yourself Just the Way You Are: Really, it is all about doing things your way. If you want to lessen the gap between what you are and what people think about you, express yourself in a manner that comes naturally. So if you have a Twitter Account, put your own picture on it. Personal Branding lesson one for the corporate entities, be as close as possible to your company’s culture on your online profile or website.
  2. Make a Statement: A brand or a name is all about a unique selling proposition. It is with your USP with which you make a statement. Kim Kardashian is a *character* that promises style, fashion and chutzpah – and that’s something she never fails to deliver. Similarly if you are a Bank that promises quicker services, stand by your promise. However, before you creating a brand image, think hard about what your brand needs to communicate.
  3. Polarization May Work For You: For Kim Kardashian, polarization has definitely worked positively. She is noticed for both the good and the bad. And she manages to be in news despite because of this very reason. So while those who love her admire her for some of the most outlandish achievements that she has made, the haters are rather happy reading about her failures. That said, no one can take away the credit of becoming a vital part of media from her. That’s exactly how your stand in the society should be – absolutely irrevocable!
  4. Self-Promotion Works: When it comes to Marketing yourself, don’t shy away. Be open to marketing yourself on each and every way possible. Be it Twitter, Facebook, your personal blog, or a friend’s website; market yourself through the smallest or biggest channel of communication. The reminder here is to put your name and make it noticeable with every promotional attempt that you make. However, don’t spread yourself thin. Sometimes focusing on avenues that match up with the status of your brand does the trick.
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While you need to put in a lot of effort to make your brand sell, make an effort not to look desperate for attention. And as Kim puts it, “No Matter How Long You’ve Had A Dream, It Can Still Come True if You Persevere.”


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