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Face it or ignore it, but the bitter truth is that whether it is about childhood dreams or mid-career promotions, women have always been told to take on smaller challenges. Bigger roles, from an entirely social viewpoint, are meant for the men to take up.

It is surprising that a Harvard Business Review report talks about working women suffering from low self-esteem. As per the report, a study on ‘Ambition and Gender at Work’ points out that:

• Men were more confident across all age groups, with 70% of males having high or very high levels of self-confidence, compared to 50% of the women surveyed

• Half of the women managers admitted to feelings of self-doubt about their performance and career, but only 31% of men reported the same

• The study also found that this lack of confidence extends to a more cautious approach to applying for jobs and promotions: 20% of men said they would apply for a role despite only partially meeting its job description, compared to 14% of women

If you are a woman in power and have read the book ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg, you will be aware of each and every business case that has occurred against women entrepreneurs. We say it’s not lack of confidence; it is rather about lack of support.

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When companies put in very less support for hammering the glass ceiling down, is there anything that the forbidden ones can do? CareerBuilder India shouts in a single loud voice – YES LADIES! Personal Branding for women entrepreneurs lets women be what they really are. In today’s time it is essential to exert power and be noticeable. Through personal branding it is guaranteed that women entrepreneurs will be taken more seriously.

A number of women honchos have successfully used personal branding to create a ‘desired’ and ‘desirable’ image in the market. For example, a lady heading a marketing consultancy would like to be projected as aggressive, money-minded and creative. Another, who is a renowned name in the HR industry, would like to be noticed as suave, tactful and persuasive. However, before opting for personal branding, it is important for women to learn the basics of gaining attention:

  • Remember that being extremely modest doesn’t help: Women think that it is unprofessional and egoistic to talk about their success and claim recognition for it. Moreover, they believe that their success will speak for itself. However, that won’t ever happen. So you have to ask for the reward, if you want your efforts to be noticed.
  • Talk about your potential: As far as additional responsibility is concerned, women will willingly take it up. However, they often step up when it comes to promotions and job roles; they do not consider their potential and suitability for the offer. Most commonly, this is most apparent when there is an opportunity beyond conventional roles.
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That said, it is also essential to note that women driven by the thirst for success do not need to introduce a lot of changes in their style of working. All they need to do is add a touch of personal branding to their image to gain an edge during competitive times.

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