Diverse Workforce

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Malcolm Forbes have described diversity very perfectly. He says, “It’s the art of thinking independently together”. Nature blooms because of its diversity. Likewise any organization with a diverse workforce has a high ratio of success than their not so diverse counterparts. The reason behind it is very simple. People from different genders, races, nationalities, education and personal backgrounds bring their own unique experiences and expertise to the places they go. It paves ways to myriad possibilities, and boosts innovation and creativity amongst people they get in touch with. When different minds work together to find a solution, the results are sure to be phenomenal.

Diverse Workforce

Organizations across the globe are discovering the importance and need of workforce diversity and thus, taking appropriate measures to incorporate it in their talent acquisition practices. For the companies having worldwide presence, it’s even more crucial as they need to interact with myriad of clients and cultures on a regular basis. A company with diverse range of experiences will also be able to tend the needs of diverse clientele more effectively. Knowing the benefits of having a diverse workforce, many organizations have started putting more efforts in their recruitment and selection processes to ensure a diverse workforce.

Some of the other benefits of having a diverse workforce are given as follows:

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Improved Productivity and Revenue: In India it is said that, “Two is always better than one”. As more than one minds, with different skill sets work together to achieve a target, it improvises the results. Working as a part of team also helps in imparting a sense of togetherness and loyalty amongst the members, which automatically improves productivity, results and rate of employee retention.

Better Collaboration and Communication: It also enhances synergy and channels open communication amongst the various members of a team and between different departments.

Increased Problem-Solving and Creativity: Whenever a problem arises, the various members of the team startthinking towards most effective ways to solve it. Which often results in various innovative ideas to solve a single problem. Managers can decide to use the best possible solution as per the situation to solve that particular problem and save the rest for future or for something else.

Better Employee Attraction and Talent Retention: Nobody wants to feel leftout. An organization encouraging a diverse work culture attracts a better workforce and also becomes successful in retaining it. A company which makes its employees feel included, instills the sense of loyalty andbelonging amongst its workers, which improves the retention rate.

The companies with a diverse workforce also experiences a greater market share with a highly satisfied and larger customer base than not so diverse organizations. The better the market reach, the more the profits.

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The payoffs of diversity at workplace goesbeyond revenues and attracts new skills, new attitudes, better processes, agility, loyalty, market insight, global understanding and enhanced employee retention rates. The organizations which fail to see the possible effects of diverse workforce are putting themselves to the risk of productivity, better workforce, employee loyalty and retention and even its whole existence.

CareerBuilder’s recruitment website (careerbuilder.co.in) is a good source of a large database of candidates from various backgrounds. Here organizations can select assorted profiles to give their business a competitive edge over the others.


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