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A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

According to a study from London Business School and MIT, Every giggle brings with it a large group of business benefits. Laughter relieves work stress, encourages a positive mental state and boost creativity at workplace.

The strategic use of purposeful humor at work can help organizations brand themselves, attract employees, improve performance management, improve employee morale, improve employee retention rates, reduce employee absenteeism rates, enhances workplace communication, and ultimately improve overall productivity.

Not only this, CareerBuilder has gathered a huge chunk of data that reveals results from various studies being conducted on humor at workplace.

Scroll the facts,

  • A recent Gallup study found that people laugh altogether less on weekdays than they do on weekends.
  • 75% of employees said that the kind of workplace they’d be most reluctant to leave is one that is fun-filled, and helps to build good working relationships.
  • 82% of employees at Fortune 100 companies who gave their ratings on “great” places to work statement, remarked their current job state as, “I work in a fun association
  • A meta-study of 2, 75,000 employees revealed that higher levels of employee happiness transformed into lower absenteeism rates, more creativity, and higher productivity.
  • 89% of CEOs said that they would prefer hire a candidate with a good sense of humor over the one who has only the requisite skillset.
  • Numerous studies demonstrate that employees with a good sense of humor tend to be more trusted, appreciated and gain respect at workplace.
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All these research evidences indicate that humor is one of the key drivers of success. Hence, with the majority of the benefits to having humor in the workplace, every enterprise, can bring some amount of it to make the working life more meaningful giving a sense of inner bliss. So how, exactly, can organizations and individual leaders get their employees to laugh more? How can managers initiate every meeting with a joke?

Performance Management made easier with Laughter Therapy

  1. Allow Employees to Lighten Up

HR’s, leaders and managers can start the day by engaging employees to relax and lighten up for a short period of time. A meeting room can be re-made with a name, ‘Just Relax’ where in, employees can take their work stress out. They can just be indulged in sharing about their personal passions, ambitions, inspiring celebrities they follow, motivational quotes they follow. Managers must try making these discussions as light as they can avoiding any conflict on opinion. The room must have pictures of nature, soft peaceful music and bright colors, which soothe the mind of employees as they start their day. Realize that a relaxed mind is a happy mind from where creativity flows like a river.

  1. Ask Employees to Show their Humorous side
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Diwali, Christmas, Thanksgiving- celebrations of these occasions are conducted in almost all the organizations. However, what other associations might not be working at is building a fun-filled, happy office culture. HR’s, team leaders and managers must align with each to convey employees about displaying their funny side by decorating their work stations. Realize, there is a comedian, an artist, a musician, an actor in every individual. Allowing them to free themselves through the workstation décor will uplift their spirits to work with even higher enthusiasm enabling them to love their work at the same time.

  1. Animated E-mails

There is no better approach to inject a little humor into the work people do. Employees should be allowed to use an animated gif as a response to an email. They can do it by simply going on a snappy Google images search and this laughter strategy will bring a smile on your employees in no time. When it comes to performance management, managers can announce employees who contributed the most in creating a fun-filled work culture in the team.

According to Shawn Achor, one of the reigning leaders and authors on happiness says, “If we can discover a trick to become positive in the present, then our brains work even more successfully as we’re able to work harder, faster and more intelligently. We need to be able to reverse this equation so we can start to see what our brains are really capable of.”

  1. Collection & Sharing Humorous Stuff
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There are always cartoons and jokes in newspapers and publications, which display a sense of deep humor. This can be a great strategy to bring laughter at workplace. Engage employees in collecting some of the most inspiring cartoon images, anecdotes, quotes or jokes, and share the one, which they feel can have a great impact on their work culture. The joke or image has to be accompanied by a humorous speech but not creating offence to any, in particular. This way of sharing laughter can prove to be therapeutic and boost the morale of even the most stressful and introvert employees at workplace.

The above tricks will not only bring laughter to the organization but the laughter will come along with higher productivity within the teams, that every manager, team lead and supervisor works on to achieve by taking a stress of himself or herself. There are various ways to track performance management and laughter is one of secret keys to unlock the doors of unbound happiness, enthusiasm and overall output in the organization.

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