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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) are few of many disruptive technologies are creating new business models and industries, and quenching the old ones.  Data analytics and social networks are having a huge impact on people management like, how people collaborate, communicate and work. In the new work world, traditional career models may soon be a thing of the past.

Recently, PwC released a report, “The Future of Work – A Journey to 2022”. The study primarily includes scenario analysis that examines the aspirations of the people and expectations of organisations deviating into three work worlds – Blue, Green and Orange.

people management

In this short blog, we will discuss in brief the three types of the work world, their survival, challenge, attractions (what makes them appealing) and the 2022 people management projections.

The Blue Work World

–    It is the world where “Corporate is the King.”

–    Profit Margins and Consumer preference dominates.

–    Blue firms follow the wealth and spread wherever the opportunity is.

Survival – The Blue world’s business model operates on profit, growth and market leadership that let them survive and thrive in both volatile and stable economic conditions alike.

Challenge – Heavy investments in R&D and acquisition of smaller start-ups to open up new opportunities and need to lead innovations. The hardships in integrating talent from different markets into the overall organisational culture.

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Attractions – High rewards for high-flyers.

It is the world where norms are less and less the stable employment.

Future of Blue Work World 2022?

  1. How they develop, the more sophisticated workforce metrics required improving performance consistently?
  2. How they develop a broader resource optimisation approach in which Artificial Intelligence, Human Beings and Machines work side by side?
PwC three work world report
Img. Src. PwC

 The Green Work World

–    It is the world where companies develop a green sense of responsibility and dominant social conscience.

–    Focus maintained on work-life balance and ethical values as a reward to employees for their loyalty.

–    Business and society see their agendas align.

Survival – The Green Work World follow the flat, flexible and fluid organisational structure. Here, everyone feels responsibility for the organisation’s success and can participate in decision-making.

Challenge – Brands can fall and rise by perceived green credentials, with government obligatory corporate fines for bad behaviour in a highly controlled world.

Attractions – Friendly working hours, support of the real economy and excellent combination of ethical values create a new employee value proposition.

In this world employees are expected to uphold the corporate values and targets around green agenda.

Future of Green Work World 2022?

  1. How they monitor the desired behaviour and ethics most effectively?
  2. How can they turn their values into a compelling element of their employer brand?
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The Orange Work World

–  It is the world where the rise of the portfolio career is embraced.

–  Hires a diverse mix of people on an affordable, ad hoc basis.

–  Their goal is to minimise the fixed costs and maximise the flexibility.

Survival – The Orange Work World operates on low impact and high tech business model.

Challenge – This world demands an excellent combination of watertight contractual agreements and adequate verification to ensure people being hired genuinely have the expertise claimed or required.

Attractions – Efficient processes and systems are the keys to the success of Orange world. They work on lean staffing model and maximum operational flexibility. They leverage the disruptive technologies like virtual solutions, and telepresence allows for extended global networks and greater remote working.

Future of Orange Work World 2022?

  1. How can they effectively manage contracted staff?
  2. How can they verify the authenticity of data being used to select associates and employees?

The Final Say

Unfortunately, in a PwC survey, most of the respondents (HR professionals) don’t believe they are ready for meeting the needs of a workforce that demand more flexibility, autonomy and freedom. Therefore, having right people, with the right skills in the right places is mandatory to realise the evolving goals of an organization. Planning an effective people management for the long-term is critical.

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