Pay Attention to Your Employer Branding Strategies

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Employee engagement, employee attrition, and career growth are some big words for every CHRO or recruitment leaders. No matter, how aggressively you are working on your employment engagement strategies, there is always a need for “more”.

Look around yourself, managers/supervisors, and you will find employees with a sour look of disappointment, a few disengaged employees with the Zombie stare, some are smiling with a positive attitude and some are not ready to work things out.

Pay Attention to Your Employer Branding Strategies
Pay Attention to Your Employer Branding Strategies

This is the fault of a weak connection between line-of-business employees and managers and it inescapably dribbles into a broken communication and recruitment process with potential candidates.

The good news? We can change and improvise these statistics. It is in your power to take control of your employer brand and recruitment process.

The truth is most job-seekers are searching for more than a salary when they choose to apply to work for your organization.

Can bad employer branding and employee disengagement be prevented?

Let’s divide this question into following sub-questions for better understanding.

1. Can HR leaders and CHRO’s learn to bring people back to productivity?


2. Will it be tough?

You know it better. Every organization has different needs and strategies that must be improvised periodically.

3. Will it be worth it?

Yes, a thousand times.

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4. How do you start?

Let’s take a closer glimpse at employer brand.

How your employees represent company’s brand and mission is as significant as anything HR or leaders say in the hiring process. It is imperative for recruitment leaders to understand, how true they are in their recruiting and hiring process. Make sure the stories accurately reflecting and align well with your overall mission and the current brand.

Then look at employee experience – It is vital that employers keep tap onto employees’ everyday work, actions they take, and how they perceive the actions of top management and their managers.

In the modern work world, “Good Actions” separate great companies, and managers as well as truthful branding, from the mediocre. Technology is changing at a greater pace in work world for hiring practitioners and leaders. Hence, employer branding needs a 360-degree view of every organization.

Think candidate experience, how you are hiring – “Acknowledgement” and “sense of belonging” are the keys to attract talent to your organization. If you are in practice to force job seekers through a muddle like a microsite for career opportunities, then fail to acknowledge their application with a letter or an email – this implies that you are keeping the talent at bay. In a CareerBuilder survey, it is reported that a typical application process has a 95% drop-off rate because organizations do not provide today’s candidate a quick and easy way to submit their application or resume.

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Case – Do you put candidates through tests and 4 phone screens, then never follow-up?

If so, then you are doing damage to your brand. Look around and you will find that smart companies know better; they have commenced to embrace new technologies to streamline the hiring process: social recruiting, digital interviews and more.

For instance, career site like TalentStream Engage is an excellent resource to engage automatically active and passive candidates through automatic email-engagement.

A few other essentials that can make or break candidate experience and employer brand:

Think like a candidate

The golden rule – treat others as you would like to be treated, is especially significant for good candidate experience.

Communicate throughout the process

As mentioned above, “acknowledgment” is vital for better applicant experience or talent acquisition. If a candidate comes to your career site, recognize the visit with an email (explaining hiring process or some additional information about the company). On the contrary, if you do a phone screen, give feedback.

Be empathetic

People want to deal with people. Remember, you are not dealing with robots. Hence, make your hiring process as personal as you can.

Set expectations

Do not leave people hanging, let candidates know when they can expect to hear back, what your hiring process is and other relevant (yet expected) information.

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It is easier to maintain a good reputation than it is to re-build it. Candidate experience is an important part of employer branding, and it matters prominently to recruit and retain your talent.

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