The corporate world today moves in two exactly opposite directions. While companies that focus on cost-cutting shift to a leaner structure, those looking to expand considerably do not settle at anything less than a matrix. Think of a basic situation – your firm had only three branches in Delhi some six months or so ago.


Today, you are located not just in India but in Dubai as well. That is not all, the firm’s Indian operations are completely different from the firm’s Dubai operations. And so are its managers and CEOs. That’s matrix for you.

An additional feature of the matrix is that while you might be working in India, there is no compulsion that your boss is a part of the Indian operations as well. It is also normal in a matrix organization that double responsibilities are allocated to a single resource, on the same subject. Complex, isn’t it? The biggest challenges of being in matrix organization are naturally faced by those who are a part of it. CareerBuilder India brings four ways of succeeding in a matrix:

1. Accept Responsibilities: Responsibilities and roles are not clearly defined in a matrix structure. You have to take up what is offered to you, which is definitely for your own good. When it comes to responsibilities, you should be more than ready to take up any role or responsibility that you have been entrusted with.

2. Embrace Change: If you work in a Matrix organization, you should be the person who thrives on change. Your roles are likely to change every week, and so is your position in the organization. In a way you need to commit to change, for it is going to be the only constant in your life.

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3. Value Cultural Differences: Another important aspect of successfully surviving and developing in a matrix organization is the ability to value the cultural differences of a diverse working population in the same organization. This quality will help you bond better. It will also make you shine in a highly complex structure.

4. Learn and Grow: At any organization that has a matrix structure, learning opportunities galore. If you get the opportunity to work with such an organization, during any part of your career, be wise enough to take the notion of flexibility positively. That is the only way in which you will be able to develop.

A daily journal, The Economic Times, has published a report titled, “Management Mythos: Engagement and communication are key factors for the matrix to succeed”, that describes a matrix organization in the most explicit manner. The description of such a structure has been exemplified in the article making use of Indian Mythology.

Most of the times, a matrix model of an organization is disregarded because of the myriad conflicts that it brings along with it. But at times when it is implemented, absolute care is taken regarding division and centralization of control. As per a report published online, “Dual reporting differentiates the matrix-style structures from the traditional hierarchical structures they are replacing at many companies across all industries.” Since dual reporting is the norm in such organizations it is required that professional HR help is sought at every level.

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