Without a ray of hope, any place can seem like a cloud without a silver lining which is all dark and dismal. And so is the case with a workplace. A number of researches have been carried around the context of optimistic attitude at work.



Undoubtedly, it is something that keeps productivity buoyant even at times when results seem to be sinking. As per NYTimes article, Psychologist Susan Segerstrom in her book “Breaking Murphy”s Law: How Optimists Get What They Want from Life – and Pessimists Can Too, Segerstrom argues that optimists have significant advantages in the workplace over their “Debbie Downer” co-workers.” CareerBuilder brings 3 reasons in support of Workplace optimism.

  1. Optimism Lowers Stress: They say that happiness is responsible for release of hormones that counter attack on stress levels. So is the case with an optimistic outlook too. When you are able to see the fuller side of the glass, you do not panic about the part that is empty. That’s the magic of perspective. Think positive, be positive is a healthy approach in life that everyone should bring to their workplace – no matter whether they are a part of the finance team or that of HR.
  2.  Optimism Gives You a Break: Let’s face it, like Douglas Mcgregor’s Theory X of a worker, work is something that MOST people dislike. No matter how interesting their work profile is, they will find one reason or another to hate it. When you foster optimism in your work attitude, you are building an irreplaceable skill that will be met with surprise by most of your co-workers. Feeling positive makes you feel good and light even in the most stressful of situation. It gives you a break from panic-struck ranting that doesn’t seem to leave the office even after the work hours are over.
  3. Optimism Improves Your Analytical Skills: Imagine yourself in a meditative, contemplative mood. Now imagine yourself in a nail-biting, perplexing situation. Which one seems better? Definitely, the former, right? Unless you are the ‘Type A’ THATs the right way to work – calmly and at a pace that you can enjoy. But till the time that you feel the stress, you can’t nurture an optimistic attitude. Once you are able to calm down, your brain too starts responding better. This is a great tip for those who work with numbers a lot: “keep calm and calculate”.
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Think about this; Wouldn’t you prefer working with a team that shows some positivity? Do you like those who transfer problems from their head to yours? Don’t you like that guy who keeps smiling his way to work and back some? These simple questions will bring you to the right judgement about the power of thinking positive.


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