Teacher’s Day is here! While you wish your real teachers, have a look at some of the on-screen teachers who through their tremendous talent inspired an entire generation of movie-watchers.

Julia Roberts- Mona Lisa Smile

Julia Roberts teaches in all women liberal arts college and is astonished to know that most of the women are just trying to get married! Pushing away this setback, she tries to instill confidence in them, “I thought that I was headed to a place that would turn out tomorrow’s leaders, not their wives.” Moreover, she encourages spirited discussions rather than rote-learning to make her students understand the depth and beauty of modern art. Teachers like, Katherine Ann Watson change your way of life rather than merely teach in classrooms.

To see SRK as a teacher is a treat to the eyes especially when he teaches an unconventional subject as music. The character introduced subversive ways of teaching which enthused eccentricity in students to do what they love. He denied the whole idea of living by principles; rather propagated that one should listen to the heart’s calling. Unlike, teachers who discipline children, here was a teacher who set them free.


Divya Dutta- Stanley Ka Dabba

This critically- appreciated film, stars Divya Dutta who plays the English teacher in a school. Unlike other teachers who are rigid and unforgiving, she is a bright change from the rest. She appreciates creativity in her students and helps them grow in an unrestrained manner. She is one of those teachers, who unceasingly appreciates students and the students try to win her praises by working exceptionally hard.

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The gruff old man plays a boxing teacher in this very popular and award-winning film. A tough taskmaster and a believer in sheer hardwork, he leaves no stone unturned to give his student a rough time while training her. A principled man who does not stay still until his pupil learns to push her limits.  A true example of a teacher with a hard exterior and soft inside, he takes immense pride in what he does because he is following a passion.

Children with special needs deserve teachers who have higher abilities. Ramchand Nikumbh played by Aamir Khan in this heartfelt movie is a sincere teacher who is sensitive to the varying needs of children, especially in their formative years. He is highly observant and takes his teaching beyond the classroom walls. Such warm-hearted teachers usually play a central role in a child’s life; they inculcate the latent talents of every child. According to these teachers, every child is special.

A Happy Teacher’s Day to all the lovely teachers of the world!


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