With search engine optimization becoming the norm, online resumes have forged ahead beating the traditional job applications to create new industry trends. Now before your resume is read by a professional, it is scanned by a computer on the basis of what are known as the keywords. Oh, by the way, if you have a three page long career saga, please get rid of it right away and create something crisp that automation can easily digest and process.


A single pager that clearly spells your job role will do the trick. The point is that without the consent of a computer you cannot clear the first stage of the recruitment process. Waiting for the expert take on this trend? CareerBuilder India compiles five tips that experts say are absolutely vital for your online resumes to reach ‘real’ stages of the recruitment process.

1. Save the File in Microsoft™ Word format

Consider this as the most compatible one, when it comes to recruiters who insist on online resumes. What this means is that you should not save your resume in an HTML or PDF format for most systems cannot handle these files and will simply discard them. You do not want your resume to be treated like a piece of trash.

2. Do Not Style it Up

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They do not want fancy stuff to overpower the essence of the resume. List down your education, experience and strengths, in a logical and streamlined manner. However, at all costs, avoid using capitalization or fonts that are difficult to read. Moreover, do not use headers or footers in your resume. One of the strongest points against the use of footers and headers is the fact that many software programs cannot read them properly.

3. Keep Away from Graphics and Tables

For the sake of simplicity (and neatness), do away with all the infographics and tables that you have stuffed your resume with. Well, there is no harm in giving your resume a visual appeal in case you have to hand the document to someone personally. However, once again, most of the software programs that an organization deploys are not capable of reading graphics and tables. Therefore, in case of online resumes infographics are a complete no.

4. Mention Your Contact Information at the Top

Your contact information should be the foremost information to appear on your online resume. Again, you do not put every component of your contact information in a single line. Put it the way you would put it on a letter. That is the correct way of doing it.

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5. Do Not Mention References

Mentioning references on your resume is like tagging along with a friend for an interview – you are just not allowed to do it. Moreover, since it is an online resume you do not want the machine to get confused with names and numbers. If you want the recruiter to know that you have some references, mention that references would be made available only by request.

Apart from these, do’s and don’ts, in an online resume it is always wise to mention your key skills individually so that the computer can scan them as keywords. That way, your chances of getting a job increase by three times at least.

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