Even James Bond agrees that “sometimes old ways are the best” (Remember Skyfall?). However, traditional ways to achieve professional success are not the best. They might work at time, no doubt about that. But with time, change has shaped up newer paths for career progress.

online reputation

Take online reputation for example. A recent article on Forbes publishes, “Social media presents a unique opportunity for anyone to develop a personal or business reputation to further their careers or boost sales and profits. The key is understanding how to be successful in leveraging the tools of the social Web to effectively build your online reputation so you’re appropriately positioned to meet your goals.”

Creating a strong social presence is at the core of managing your online reputation. There is more to it though. CareerBuilder India brings 5 tips that can help you in upping your online reputation score.

1. Authentic: Let’s face it: people are not dumb to be unable to distinguish between real and fluff. So if you are working as an HR Executive, do not try to tag yourself as a HR Specialist. The honchos can make out who you are by scouting through your profile. You are supposed to be authentic in the information that you give out, for the sake of credibility.

2. Subtle: Don’t sound like a sales pitch. Well, the purpose to be on social media is exactly that; however, you don’t have to make it obvious until you are extremely desperate for attention. Your time online should be spent on making use of the platforms, forums and other group activities. The point is to involve and get noticed.
3. Responsive and Responsible: First things first, as per the online etiquette manual, your online manners should comprise being truthful, accessible, uncontrolling, and approachable. Suppose you are a financial advisor, for better online reputation you must be responsive and responsible for the guidance you provide online.
4. Innovative: A simple caution to exercise with innovation – if you don’t know how to be innovative, don’t try it. However, if you know how to get a little innovative, make hundred percent use of the creative ways in which you can produce better online presence and up your social quotient.
5. Resourceful: You can’t expect people to remain connected with you for absolutely no reason at all. Being a resource means that you should provide useful, interesting (probably amusing), knowledgeable information – and – if someone does you a favour, you should return it manifold. If someone shares your blog or comments on it, for example, you have to help them sell theirs too.

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You don’t want to feel like a nobody, hanging out alone on the fourth page of Google’s search results. Begin today by actively involving in your online reputation management. Take baby steps like creating an engaging profile. The above-mentioned tips will take you further on the path of becoming a pro in online reputation management.

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