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Finding the right employee for a particular position can be a complex task. In fact, hiring for a single position, the human resource department has to go through several resumes, communications, interviews, documentations, induction, etc. Any error can lead to a failed or wrong hire which can impact the overall productivity of the organization. Moreover, if you hire a wrong-fit, it’s a waste of organization’s precious resources.

Therefore, there is no place for making hiring slip ups. Even, at the initial stage when an organization initiates recruiting through online job postings, they need to ensure the quality of each job postings. Quality online job ad postings are one of the crucial parameters of professional recruiting activities which companies often miss to keep on their priority list.

Following points would highlight the dos and don’ts of online job postings.



1) Accurate Job Post

Being specific while writing job ads would save you from unnecessary resumes landing to your database which doesn’t match the profile of the job. Mention the required education, certifications, skills, and qualifications. If your job postings are confusing, it would encourage the unqualified candidates to apply and feed your database with excessive and useless information. On the other hand, qualified candidates would go elsewhere seeing the irrelevant job adverts or incomplete job descriptions.

2) Relevant Titles

Creativity is important, but not in job title’s case. It needs to be containing the industry specific job keywords which candidates usually search and easily understand. Using extreme creative job titles would not appear in search results when candidates make online searches.

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3) Easily Understandable

Separating the text with different sections including title/heading, subheading, and highlights in bullet points would give your candidates a clear and concise information. Using industry specific terminologies makes candidates quickly understand what’s the job about and if they are suitable for the position.

4) Be a Marketer

Job postings can be a great help for your business to stand as a brand. The more informative, and precise the job postings, the better the reach! Therefore, make sure that your job postings contain basic company details, industry type, available roles, and incentives. If you are a small or growing business, highlight the positive aspects of working with your organization without exaggerating it. You can include office location, working hours, etc.



1) Excessive Requirements

Including an extensive list of requirements would scare away the candidates from applying. As a small business, it’s already challenging to attract the best talents in the organization. It’s better to keep the hiring formalities/requirements as reduced as you can. Therefore, you need to stay away from including an extensive list of requirements in the job postings.

2) Inaccurate Job Profile

If a manager raises a requisition, you need to cross check the specifications at your end. Approach him/her and ask the details and polish it considering the job postings norms. It must be informative and thorough.

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3) Check Typos

No HR expect resumes with typographic errors, so how can the candidates expect you to post job ads with typos. Avoid posting in a hurry, double check the grammar and spellings. If you make such mistakes, it will leave an unprofessional impression on them.

Above all, using a best online job posting tool is quite a significant aspect of making the job ads easily available for the candidates. If you perform it manually, it’s a waste of quality time and other resources. Hence, move one step ahead and invest in right job posting tool or at least integrate one in your existing Applicant Tracking System.

Using a job posting tool would save your quality resources that you can utilize on other crucial business operations. Follow writing the best job ads standards first, then publish it smartly.

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