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If you sometimes wonder why you are not that energetic and why your productivity is getting affected, then your office cafeteria might be one of the strong reasons. No, surely not because the tempting aroma of cheese pasta, mayonnaise sandwich, packaged juices, or tea/ coffee keeps dragging you towards cafeteria, but it is because of your eating habits. Your cravings to eat greasy foods or refined carbohydrates affect your energy level and productivity at work. No doubt you can release out some level of stress with these eateries because of serotonin-producing combination in the, but on the other hand you are compromising on the energy level & mental sharpness.

What you need to do to boost your mood and productivity?

Yes, you guessed it right. You need to keep a check on your eating habits; and to make this easy for yourself, check out the list below:

Green Leafy Vegetables: Bring your brain to work sharper with the green-leafy vegetables. On-starchy green leafy veggies have multiple benefits. First, these slow down the digestion of starchy carbohydrates, which gives more time to the brain & muscles to extract the most of it to form energy. Plus, these also contain compounds which boosts your mood, which is important to work satisfactorily at work.

Iron-enriched food: For that flow of energy in your body, you would need iron components. Include lean beef, dark meat chicken, tofu, legumes and dark green vegetables in your lunch box and carry it to office. If you find these boring, then surely you can ask your cook to show some healthy experiments.

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Limit your coffee/ tea: Don’t rush to cafeteria to get a cup of coffee every hour. According to one study cited in BBC News, “Our clinical research found that a high caffeine intake (more than 350mg during the working day) acts as a powerful diuretic and causes people to visit the toilet more frequently, which can lead to performance-zapping dehydration”

So, if you are looking at ways to boost productivity at work, then keep a check on your munching habits.

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