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Throughout the epochs, music has had a vast influence on people of this planet. Indeed, the art form has never encountered challenges while stretching its frontiers across thousands of countries and cultures. With a plethora of healing qualities, music has emerged as one of the most effective natural medicines for patients suffering from depression & multiple disorders. Music has indeed played its role being a successful communication medium that has affected mankind in many different ways till date. This hence, makes no surprise why the tech-driven organizations today also want to take a dive into the world of “music for work productivity” as a tool of marketing, employer branding, employee engagement, employee retention and what not. Not just this, music has witnessed high acknowledgement for killing work stress from employees working at startups, mid-sized companies to top brands across the globe.

Music for work productivity – Different Music, Different Effects

The nature of music is such that it influences the listener in unparalleled ways. For instance, tuning into soft music prevents the occurrence of fatigue, improves the mood and maintains a balanced blood pressure. Music with a high pitch such as rap and hip-hop tends to increase anxiety and sometimes ends with loss of control. On the contrary, music that consists of low tempos leads to a calming effect on mind and produces a relaxed mood, helping an individual to deal with anxiety, multiple-stresses and confusions. Studies reveal some of the greatest examples of music. Patients before a surgery, who listened to music reported lower anxiety levels and normal blood pressure. A Norwegian study discovered that medical students who are often accustomed with higher stress levels played one or more musical instruments as a tool of mental healing and experienced a relaxed state of mind. Physicians all around the world have recognized the soothing effects of listening to the right kind of music for patients, which is why it has established itself not just as a popular art form but also a mystical, natural medicine that accelerates moods, well-being and general health.

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Mystical Effects of Playing The Right Music at Work

According to Teresa Lesiuk, assistant professor in the department of music therapy at the University of Miami, “Employees listening to music had better ideas and were able to finish off their tasks faster and more effectively.” So, what kind of music actually kills work stress, boosts efficiency, focus and mood at work?

CareerBuilder India presents the three unique forms of music for work productivity employees should listen while working:

1. Epic Music

This form of music is void of any lyrics. Epic music accelerates mood levels to the highest making you feel more energetic. Unlike the music with speech in the background that is known to create a distracting environment, epic music relaxes your brain cells giving an extra boost to your work productivity.

Whenever you are feeling lethargic at work, tune into this music and let your ears tell you the truth behind its influence. Raising the volume is your own choice. This music for work productivity will certainly bring the change in your work pattern.

2. Nature Music

Much has been talked about this form of music in art therapies. Listening to the gentle sounds of waves, birds, air, and rainfall can all leave you with a sensation of relaxing on the lap of nature. When you find work as a pressure, nothing can make you deliver the results.

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However, tuning into nature music his juncture can release endorphins, your ‘happiness hormones’, which relaxes your nerves, restores the lost focus, and recharges enthusiasm, ultimately resulting in greater productivity.

3. Ambient Music

Ever witnessed the noise and anxiety created at airports? Ambient music was emerged from the mind of Brian Eno to diffuse the negative feeling creating a mess at airports so as to make the destination and journeys relaxing for passengers. Certainly, people not acquainted with this kind of music before would find it repetitive, dull, and that there is simply no action to it. Ambient music- if composed correctly can actually be intrinsically interesting. It teaches you the art of patience.

Ambient music for work productivity doesn’t throw any high pitch sounds on your head, but rather gives you a space to think. The distilled emotion found in ambient music is highly useful if your job is a creative one. Tune into this form of music to think beyond the box and your imaginations will give excellent results in no time.

The Right Tune Matters

Do not let your mind become a victim of temporary stress arising from high deadlines, work pressures, co-workers, long commute or the minutest of networking issues at workplace. While there is a vast array of other kinds of music that ensure a lasting employee productivity, trying the above ones can bring faster results even on the days you are struggling with morning blues.

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