We look forward to handling more than one task at one given point of time, to get over with the most in less time. However, how many of us actually found multi-tasking an efficient working method? Not too many. The reason remains simple- You can focus on only one thing at a time. Our brain activity has been structured in a certain way. Even if you are good at multi-tasking, the task so completed wouldn’t be as good as when you would have accomplished them one at a time.

Multi-tasking has quite some high-stakes involved while you are at it. Some of them are listed below-

What A Distraction
Multi-tasking remains a fact of modern life even if we deny it. We have become so habitual of the whole scenario that we don’t feel the wrongs of it anymore. The truth remains, that multi-tasking promotes scope for digression and is a big reason for distraction. If you are doing something and you switch to something else, then according to research it shall take you 25 minutes to get back fully to the old thing. The need to refocus takes time and the average time that we give to a task remaining focused at a stretch is 1.25 minutes which has been diminishing with time.

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Error Prone Work
If you thought that multi-tasking is a way to be productive and efficient at work, you thought wrong. Multi-tasking breaks the work flow and that alone is a productivity distracter apart from other things. Multi-taskers according to research take 50 percent more time to complete a task as compared to people who just do one task at a time. Also, the tasks tend to be error prone by 50 percent. Moreover, high rates of multi-tasking have shown an decrease in the grey cells, it lowers upto 15 IQ points.

Meeting And Multi-tasking
Meetings and discussions are situations in which people multi-task the most, especially during a phone call meetings, face-to-face meetings and web conference calls. The meeting where multi-tasking was found the least prevalent was video conferencing. Hence, the benefits of video conferencing are there to be seen by us. It has an increased impact of discussion, when you are discussing something and are totally into it then you have something which goes on at the back of your head in-relation to things being discussed. When you voice those concerns, it makes for a substantial meeting with a great outcome. However, when you multi-task, you don’t have the time to delve deeper and the meetings tend to go more superficially.
Multi-tasking is great for people who take little time in hopping from one thing to the other without very less or no time to refocus. To our dismay, not many people possess this quality and so it is always better to complete one task and move on to the other, making work error-free and more productive.

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