Mobile Recruiting- Faster Way to Hire Candidates

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As mobile technology has advanced itself, it has stretched its roots in the recruitment sector as well. Job-seekers who earlier used to spare time to sit and apply for jobs from their desktops, are now looking forward to its amazingly fastest way of job search. An increased number of organizations are embracing mobile recruiting to make the process of hiring easier for themselves, as well as for potential candidates.

Mobile Recruiting: What the Statistics Say?

  • Mobile recruiting was introduced in 2007, resulting a change in job-seeker’s behaviour.
  • Currently, 90% of job-seekers use mobile devices.
  • 70% of active job-seekers want to apply jobs via their mobile devices.
  • Job search via desktop is maximum at 9 AM (peak office hours), while through mobile it is throughout the day.
  • 51% candidates applied on, via mobile device in 2015.
  • While 55% unable to upload CV on mobile, 1 in 3 candidates like the mobile version of job boards.


Mobile Recruiting- Faster Way to Hire Candidates
Mobile Recruiting- Faster Way to Hire Candidates

Why Mobile Recruiting is Important Amongst Candidates?

  • Candidates prefer mobile recruiting.
  • Millennials are large users.
  • Mobile is a convenient platform for job search.
  • Mobile creates a sense of urgency amongst candidates through job alerts.
  • Applying is easy on the go.

 How to Kickstart an Effective Mobile Recruiting?

 Start with a Career Site

  • Keep it mobile-friendly, design responsive & consistent in delivering user experience
  • Ensure it loads quickly without any hassle
  • Whichever source users come from, they must be directed to your mobile site
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 Get Social to Hire Better

  • Get active with social media searching of candidates to improve quality of hire.
  • Send targeted, timely, effective emails & campaigns to build your talent pool.
  • Engage candidates who may not be actively seeking for jobs.

 Enhance the Convenience of Mobile Interviewing

  • Interview candidates through mobile while providing instant feedbacks
  • Share latest company updates with local, as well as, foreign candidates who are appearing for pre-screening
  • Arrange mobile interviews on the go, adding comfort to candidates on travel.

 Do Not Miss to Track Your Candidates

  • Enable candidates to upload mobile-friendly resumes (Docs. /PDF)
  • Review candidates through social profiles (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter)
  • Employ an Applicant Tracking System that keeps interested candidates engaged

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